REVIEW: AEW – All Elite Crate Spoilers – April 2023

A quarterly curated box from AEW

AEW All Elite Crate January 2023 Spoilers - picture of Sting and Preston Vance

It’s almost AEW Pay-per-view time once again, so you better believe that I have a brand new pro wrestling crate in my hands as we speak! This one, however, is going to be somewhat of a bittersweet review. Sadly, this will be my last entry in this series, as I plan to drop this subscription box entirely starting next quarter. I mentioned in my previous Pro Wrestling Crate Review, that after a lot of consideration, I have decided to no longer subscribe to any sort of subscription boxes. This was entirely due to cost-cutting in my budget and has no bearing on my feelings on how these boxes have been. The truth is, I LOVE getting these, and will miss getting Micro Brawlers and new shirts all the time. So unless I end up with a sponsorship or something, the next Pro Wrestling Crate review should be the very last one. It’s been a long run, and people may remember that I once did upwards of FOUR crates at one time, including the long defunct Lucha Loot. I have more t-shirts than a department store, and likely more action figures and pins than I ever planned on getting but I won’t ever look back. Thanks for all the great memories Pro Wrestling Tees!

For those new to these subscription crates, both All Elite Crate and Pro Wrestling Crate usually pack in anywhere from 8 to 10 items every month – these include a guarantee of a Micro Brawler Figurine, two T-shirts, a lapel pin, and an autographed 8 by 10 photo. Usually there’s a couple of small additional items in every box making this well worth the money spent. I would recommend, if you can swing it, purchasing a yearly subscription as you get a pretty hefty discount doing so. In the past, I have subscribed to a number of different boxes, generally not liking most of them to be honest, but the guys over at Pro Wrestling Tees always do a fine job of picking great items making these my favorite subscription boxes of them all.

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Spoiler Card:

STILL no front row tickets!!


Love me some Danhausen, so this box is immediately a win for me, but throw in a Best Friends shirt and I’m over the moon. I’ll have to hand it to PWT, they know how to pack a box with great T-Shirts most of the time.

Micro Brawler:

This is a great choice for a Micro Brawler figure, especially considering Claudio’s run as ROH Champion still running strong as we speak. No chase figure this time, which is a shame, I’ve only ended up with like three of those :/


I don’t have enough keys to warrant the gigantic keychain collection I have, but this is pretty cool. I’ve always been a huge fan of Chris Jericho, and love this as much as the figure I have as well.


Stuff like this makes me really bummed that Brodie Lee passed away going on three years now. He had such a great run for the relatively short time he was there, and it’s a real shame he was stolen so fast.


Great choice for an autograph, and a hilarious picture – this will be a solid part of my collection for sure!


This appears to be a “blink and you missed it” bonus item, as it is not on the spoiler card, but considering how small it is, it’s nothing to get too excited about.

Sticker Pack:

As always, there is not much one can say about a sticker, but this is a pack of stickers that are pretty fun!


They’ve done a few of these pay-per-view logo pins, and they are always pretty cool. Nothing flashy, but a good way to remember what shows are coming up.


Pro Wrestling Crate had a House of Black Flag last month, so the trend continues here with this Bryan Danielson flag. I prefer this over the terrible socks they seem to be obsessed with, and am glad they found a new item type to do for these boxes. I don’t have a lot of wall space, so I doubt I will use this, but it’s cool nonetheless. Maybe I can wave it at a show?


I’m kind of bummed there’s no DVD this time, but overall this was a decent crate. That said, this quite possibly could be the worst All Elite Crate they’ve had so far. This opinion is based entirely on how many items are in the box, and this time everything just seemed cheap despite the ten item haul. The T-Shirts and the Micro Brawler figure are great, and truly every item is fine, but with this being more expensive than a regular Pro Wrestling Crate, I’ve grown to expect more. Hopefully it’s better luck next time, but sadly I won’t be partaking. Let me know how much I missed out in the comments!

For more information check HERE


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