REVIEW: All Elite Crate – October 2021

A new quarterly curated box from AEW

It’s been a while since I had more than one Pro Wrestling curated box running at one time.

At one time I was quite the connoisseur of lootboxes. I had Pro Wrestling Crate, Lucha Loot, and WWE Slam Crate all running at the same time with the occasional Deadpool and Star Trek subscription thrown in for good measure. I mentioned why I cut back on a few of my crates on other articles, but it has been a while so here’s the long and short of it for new readers – I absolutely do not trust the company that does Lootcrate anymore. After the debacle that was Star Trek Mission Crate (ran years behind), and my impression that the entire company is some sort of elaborate Ponzi scheme, means that I dropped everything I had with them. Lucha Loot, however, sadly went under a few years ago but I remember it very fondly in comparison with the others. Up until today, Pro Wrestling Crate has been one of the few wrestling related merchandise programs that I have trusted, thus the reason why I’ve kept it for years. They always have good value for money, and I never feel cheated on their product. Now the company behind it (Pro Wrestling Tees) is dipping their toe into yet another crate subscription, this time for my favorite company AEW.

Dubbed All Elite Crate, this subscription is planned as a quarterly box packed full of all of the same sorts of items that I have come to know and love just with and AEW flair. The four yearly crates coincide with the run up to each pay-per-views that the company puts on every year, making that the only thematic inspiration for the items as far as I can tell. This inaugural crate doesn’t really have a gigantic AEW Full Gear presence, but I’m sure it will increase as these go on. Without further ado, let’s crack this bad boy open and see what’s inside.

if you would like more information on this crate please click HERE, and if you’re interested in their companion create click HERE.

As with any of these, please excuse my bad photography, I literally just take pics of these on my couch without a pro lightbox or anything.

The Box

Not much to say here, clean utilitarian box with fake distressed patterns, thankfully unlike rival companies they don’t waste money on a worthless gimmick box that nobody will use.

Spoiler Card

Promo for Full Gear, November’s AEW PPV

Sting Micro Brawler

I’m a big fan of Micro Brawler figures, seeing that I’ve had Pro Wrestling Crate since those figures started. If you don’t already know by now, the Icon Sting is most likely my favorite wrestler if not definitely in the top five. He basically single handedly got me back into wrestling after years of not paying attention to it due to his amazing performance as “Crow” Sting I was battling the NWO in the late 90s. I’ve been waiting for AEW to put out some kind of figure for him for a while, so seeing this in the box once I cracked it open was a big shock! this was basically well worth the box alone for me.

Britt Baker Enamel Pin

Taken from the now infamous Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa Main Event from AEW Dynamite last year, this pin commemorates the moment for me wherein I knew Baker was going to be a superstar. I initially wasn’t a huge fan, and watched as she got better and better to an insane degree in a VERY short time. In this Lights Out Unsanctioned Match the reign of DMD started for many.

Dark Order Patch

Being a huge fan of The Dark Order, I was excited to see this – I have been toying with making a wrestling themed “Battle Jacket” for a while now, so more patches are always welcome!

Darby Allin Mini-Skateboard

I never really got into these things when I was younger, as I was not really a skater at all. However, this is a cool item and really goes to show the endless merchandising ideas you can have with a guy like Darby Allin. Shame it’s not the one covered in thumbtacks!

Hangman Page Bottle Opener

I absolutely cannot wait for Hangman Adam Page to hopefully complete his storyline that has been two years in the making, and remove the World Heavyweight Championship from the evil clutches of Kenny Omega. I’m not really a huge beer drinker anymore, but I’m sure I can use this, I have a Shark Boy bottle opener I’ve been using for years, time to retire it I think!

All Elite Crate Sticker

Not much to say about a logo sticker, but a cool item to have.


These are both solid shirts that I will definitely wear around – occasionally there’s one shirt I like and another I’m not a huge fan of – no such luck here as I love them both.

Hikaru Shida Autograph

Moxley Vs. Omega – Unsanctioned Lights Out Match Poster


Amazing first crate, not a filler in sight and every item is great, If I were to pick my top items, It’s a toss-up between the shirts or the Sting figure for sure. If the quality of this subscription box stays like this, I will definitely be a subscriber for a while. Sadly I did not get a chase figure or front-row tickets to an upcoming TV event, both perks that are tossed into some random crates, but here’s hoping I get lucky one of these days. Stay tuned for about two weeks from now, and I will be reviewing the October Pro Wrestling Crate, a box that promises to be full of all sorts of treats, hopefully no tricks!



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