REVIEW: AEW – All Elite Crate Spoilers – January 2023

A quarterly curated box from AEW

AEW All Elite Crate January 2023 Spoilers - picture of Sting and Preston Vance

All Elite Wrestling has been on an absolute roll as of late, with solid match-ups, fresh feuds and consistent booking as far as the eye can see. When we last met up and went over one of these boxes, it was right after the infamous “Brawl Out” incident, and many were less than happy with the company as a whole. So far there isn’t much announced for the AEW Revolution 2023 card (for which this box is dedicated to) aside from Bryan Danielson vs MJF, but Revolution is always a great show, and I’m glad to see it slowly coming up on the horizon. Considering we have the likes of Jamie Hayter, Orange Cassidy, The Acclaimed, and The Elite all holding gold (just to name a few), the possibilities for fresh and interesting match-ups is pretty deep and should satisfy most fans. Without further ado, lets take a look at this Revolution-themed box from Pro Wrestling Crate and see if they still hold the crown in the world of professional wresting subscription boxes.

For those new to these subscription crates, both All Elite Crate and Pro Wrestling Crate usually pack in anywhere from 8 to 10 items every month – these include a guarantee of a Micro Brawler Figurine, two T-shirts, a lapel pin, and an autographed 8 by 10 photo. Usually there’s a couple of small additional items in every box making this well worth the money spent. I would recommend, if you can swing it, purchasing a yearly subscription as you get a pretty hefty discount doing so. In the past, I have subscribed to a number of different boxes, generally not liking most of them to be honest, but the guys over at Pro Wrestling Tees always do a fine job of picking great items making these my favorite subscription boxes of them all.

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Spoiler Card:

STILL no front row tickets!! Perhaps it will happen one day…


Both are cool, somewhat minimalistic, shirts that set the tone for their respective performers without going overboard on over-produced slogans or other fluff a lot of wrestling shirts have. I’m going to be honest and say that these aren’t really the sort of shirts I’d buy on their own if I was at a merch stand, but as a box pack-in, they are pretty solid. I will wear both of these happily.

AEW Luggage Tag:

Sadly, I don’t travel too much at the moment, so I’m really not certain when I’ll be able to use this, but its a cool item to have for sure.

Micro Brawler:

We haven’t really had an update on Thunder Rosa’s injury in a while, so I hope she’s doing okay. Fingers are crossed that she’ll get to come back soon and challenge for her title again. This is the look she had during the time period when I saw her live at an AEW Dynamite taping back in the summer, so this was particularly fun to see.


I’ve always enjoyed this guy, all the way back from when he was in TNA up to now. I’m glad to have this!


AEW All Elite Crate January 2023 Spoilers - Orange Cassidy socks

I am sometimes disappointed in how NOT stretchy these can be. I guess I have big feet, and sometimes it takes quite a bit of effort to get these off after a long day of wearing them. Maybe something for them to look into.

Sticker Pack:

As always, there is not much one can say about a sticker, but this is a pack of stickers that are pretty fun!


The champ himself, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, is forged into this solid lapel pin under his new moniker, and I’m here for it. His return at All Out SHOULD HAVE been what everyone was talking about until all the backstage nonsense supposedly happened. I can’t wait to see his match with Danielson!


AEW All Elite Crate January 2023 Spoilers poster

Yet another classic match poster, this time being the main event from the very first Revolution PPV where Jon Moxley finally won the AEW World Heavyweight Title from Chris Jericho. The very fist AEW show I attended live was the take-home show just days before this pay-per-view, so I always have fond memories of this!


NIIIICE – I wasn’t expecting this, and I am more than excited for this AEW Dark Elevation DVD. This is the third (if I recall correctly) that AEW has put out there for these boxes and I’m all for it!


While Pro Wrestling Crate has had a few “off months” I have yet to feel that way with one of these AEW All Elite Crates so far. In fact, it seems like the main-line Pro Wrestling Crate will soon be adopting a similar release structure to this crate, which should actually be better in the long run. If you have noticed from my last few reviews, I have been somewhat “hit-or-miss” on them, and if they can retain the quality of THIS box, I will be stoked. Having two solid shirts, a micro brawler, a DVD, AND an autograph makes this worth at least 100 dollars, so this is easily more than enough merch for for money. Check back in about a week and I should have the January Pro Wrestling Crate with an update on their business structure changing. Until then, have a great day!

For more information check HERE



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