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Stephen is a blogger/reviewer as well as an avid participant on Goodreads and Amazon Reviews. He is a former paid writer for and for follow-ups, can be contacted at prefers e-books, but will accept physical copies if interested. For examples of blogging style and frequency, see below.

Runs two blogs –

Arcadiapod “100% Nerd Stuff!” for general fandom reviews – delving into such topics as film, TV, Wrestling, anime, gaming, and even radio dramas. With over 1500 readers monthly, and well over a half million readers total.

Great Odin’s Raven! “A novice’s journey into Norse Paganism through history, pop culture, and personal experiences! for Pagan spiritualism.” a newer blog containing topics related to Pagan faith.

Any books that don’t fall into those two categories get posted to the merchant sites like Goodreads and Barnes and Noble.

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