REVIEW: All Elite Crate – January 2022

A new quarterly curated box from AEW

It’s almost time for another AEW Pay-Per-View, so to get fans ready Pro Wrestling Tees has shipped the second ever AEW All Elite Crate. Last time, I was pumped to see a Sting Micro Brawler, so there are big shoes to fill already. All Elite Crate is planned as a quarterly box packed full of all of the same sorts of items that I have come to know and love from Pro Wrestling Crate just with and AEW flair. The four yearly crates coincide with the run up to each pay-per-views that the company puts on every year. This crate is a tiny bit more expensive than their other offering, and so far it has had maybe one or two more items as a result. Overall, I loved the items last fall, and have pretty solid optimism that they will continue to deliver. Let’s see what’s inside!

Spoiler Card:

Sadly I was robbed of my front row tickets yet again! All kidding aside, they give away tickets in one of the boxes every quarter.

Promo For AEW Revolution 2022:

Coming in March on Pay-Per-View


I could take or leave the Jungle Boy shirt, his merch is always sort of weird in my opinion, but the Malakai Black shirt is amazing, and perhaps my favorite of any shirt he has ever had. It even tops his original NXT shirt that I bought the moment it was offered. It’s simple and reminds me of some of the more subdued band shirts I have in my immense T-Shirt collection.

Superkicks Socks:

While a bit loud, the socks made by Pro Wrestling Tees are always fine quality and spice up a dull wardrobe usually filled with black socks (for me). Depicting The Young Bucks, I can guarantee these will get worn quite often.

Nyla Rose Micro Brawler:

SURPRISE B***H! It’s a Nyla Rose figure! I always enjoy getting these each month – great figures to collect without having to waste an insane amount of wall space for full-sized action figures. I did not get the chase figure in this box, better luck next time!

Anna Jay Autograph:

JOIN US! JOIN US! Considering The Dark Order is my favorite stable in AEW, I’m always excited to see another autograph from a member. Jungle Boy is a lucky lucky man!

Team Taz FTW Sticker:

Not much to say about a sticker, but cool to have.

Hardy Family Office Money Clip:

Not sure if I’ll ever use this, as I don’t carry money this way, but for those that do it’s a nice idea.

Cody Rhodes lapel Pin:

I believe there are four variations of this pin, with me getting one that is sparkly. I have a small collection of these pins, so this will look great alongside the rest.

Orange Cassidy Air Freshener:

My Son’s favorite wrestler is Orange Cassidy, so I’m sure he will get a kick out of this when it goes into my car. Shame these never last to long, it would be cool to display long-term.


A poster of one of the many “five star matches” in AEW history, The Young Bucks vs Page and Omega for the tag belts. I don’t really have wall space for these, but they are cool to have.


Overall solid crate this quarter, I don’t have much use for a few items like the money clip, but the autograph, the shirts, and the action figure are well worth the cost of the box. Item of the box is without a doubt the Malakai Black shirt, which I can report made one of my friends jealous. Once we’ve had a few of these I will assess whether or not a full subscription is worth it, but so far, I am definitely a fan.

For more information check HERE

For next month, here is a preview:



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