REVIEW: All Elite Crate – April 2022

A new quarterly curated box from AEW

It’s about 6 weeks until AEW’s 2022 iteration of their annual Double or Nothing pay-per-view, but Pro Wrestling Tees did not wait round and sent out their newest AEW All Elite Crate in record time. When it comes to the actual Pay-per-view, we don’t actually know any of the matches quite yet other than finals for an ongoing Owen Hart Foundation tournament that will be ending by then, so any storyline specific items are out of the question. This crate is fairly new and is in addition to the other service the company does, Pro Wrestling Crate. This crate is a tiny bit more expensive than their other offering, and so far it has had maybe one or two more items as a result. I have quite enjoyed these so far, and I’m sure this particular crate will be no different.

Spoiler Card:

Three boxes down and STILL no front row tickets!! Perhaps it will happen one day…

Promo For AEW Revolution 2022:

Coming in May on Pay-Per-View


If you have been watching AEW for the past few weeks, you will be aware of the ongoing feud between Adam Cole and Hangman Adam Page, a pairing that main-evented the Revolution pay-per-view and may very well continue on into this one. I can’t really wear the Hangman shirt out too much due to it having an almost curse word on it, but I can definitely see the Adam Cole shirt getting some solid wears.

Dark Order Playing Cards:

I’m not a playing card guy, but I definitely know some folks that go crazy for themed decks like this. This is a cool item since it goes with the casino theme of the pay-per-view quite well, and has a cool Dark Order logo back.

Eddie Kingston Micro Brawler:

Hail to the king! I love Eddie Kingston, and this is a solid figure, even better than his new Jazzwares figure somehow!

QT Marshall and Pres10 Vance Autographs:

JOIN US! JOIN US! Considering The Dark Order is my favorite stable in AEW, I’m always excited to see another autograph from a member. QT Marshall is also pretty cool, and very underrated for his heel work.

Thunder Rosa Sticker:

Not much to say about a sticker, but cool to have.

Best of AEW Dark DVD Vol 1:

This was something I always wanted from the WWE Slam Crate back when I got those, so I’m glad AEW has decided to pack an exclusive DVD into the mix! Yeah, AEW Dark is free on YouTube, but having a compilation like this is awesome to have and well worth the cost of the box. Maybe this will be expanded into Dynamite and Rampage as the series goes?

Poker Chip lapel Pin:

Nice idea for a pin and a great pack-in. It’s simplicity reminds me of why I like to get title belt pins, here’s hoping we get more of these!


Yet another classic match poster, this time being the very first Stadium Stampede match during the Covid-19 era of AEW’s history.


This box was really good! I always love the Micro Brawlers and the shirts but seeing the DVD in the box this time was the icing on the cake. Also, I collect autographs and having two of them this month was a nice touch. After three boxes, I would say that this is definitely worth subscribing to, and I would recommend the yearly subscription as a way to save some cash. Stay tuned for more crate reviews, as Pro Wrestling Crate should be incoming within a month or so.

For more information check HERE

For next quarter, here is a preview:



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