REVIEW: Central States Wrestling – Violence Begets Violence (2023)

A Live Wrestling Event by CSW

Central States Wrestling is on a roll with shows that bring a “big pay-per-view feel” to the general Kansas City public each and every month. For people that thought my coverage of their December show, Deal with the Steel IV, was crazy, hang on to your hats here folks! Not only did the promoters being in some truly outstanding Missouri-area female competitors (by popular demand), but they were able to put on an absolute classic of a street fight that honestly could be the craziest wrestling match I’ve been in attendance for live, and that’s including me saying the same thing in December! Once again, hundreds of fans packed the National Guard Armory in Lenexa, Kansas; and despite it being Easter Weekend, the 406+ fans that showed up and blew the roof off of the building once again. I went into this show with some preconceived notions about how certain things were going to pan out, likely due to my brain being tainted by big corporate wrestling brands, and boy was I surprised. I’ll hand it to CSW, they never do obvious swerves and always keep the fans on the edge of their seats.

The big storyline going into Violence Begets Violence involved growing tension between Ace Steel and the current and reigning DWF Heavyweight Champion “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt. Wyatt has taken exception to how Steel has been carrying himself after returning to CSW last summer. Thinking Steel should be in his corner due to being stablemates in the past, Wyatt has been utterly flabbergasted that Steel has seemingly been targeting him above all else. It all came to a head when Steel was named special guest referee in Wyatt’s attempt at becoming unified champion in December. Wyatt attempted some unsavory tactics, and, to his credit, Steel called the match very fairly. Michael Strider was brought in here to ensure order and settle these issues once and for all as everyone in attendance watches the once strong Foundation, crumble.

Another big highlight has been whatever has been going on with Roscoe Leech, everyone’s least favorite manager in Central States Wrestling. Leech led a nearly year-long crusade against The Howletts and Coach Frass in 2022 alongside his prime clients The Premier, but after taking the brunt of a brutal beatdown in the cage, he almost seems to be a new man. At February’s When the Levee Breaks, we saw Leech somewhat ignore The Premier, but also walk out on them when they attempted yet another gang-style beatdown on their opponents. Then, to utterly confuse the crowd, he came to the aid of “The Giant Killer” Scott Tyler in a shocking moment people have been buzzing about ever since. Could Roscoe be turning over a new leaf, or is this all some sort of nefarious plan?

For more insight into even more ongoing feuds, check out my Preview of Violence Begets Violence.

Without further ado, here’s what happened at Violence Begets Violence!

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The Card:

  • “2nd to None” Kenny Alfonzo Defeated “The Landshark” Conan Lycan
  • The Premier (SK Bishop and Campbell Myers w/ Roscoe Leech) defeated Technical Difficulties (Moses the Deliverer and Rahim De La Suede)
  • “The Atrocity” Krule defeated “Spitfire” Davey Vega
  • Miracle Violence Reborn (“The Kings Road Slayer” Derek Neal & Moonshine Mantell) w/ Greg Jovi vs The Howletts (Hoodie & Anaya) w/ Coach Frass went to a No Contest – ref could not contain fighting
  • “The Black Diamond” Luke Langley defeated Mike Outlaw
  • Heather Reckless defeated Tootie Lynn
  • “The Giant Killer” Scott Tyler defeated “The Raees” Arjun Singh
  • Jeremy Wyatt defeated Ace Steel in a no holds barred street fight for the DWF Championship w/ Special Guest referee Michael Strider

Match graphics below:


I’ve come up with this little disclaimer since I have some new readers:


I usually go through a show and pull a half dozen or so things that I thought were significant, or that I liked, and concentrate on them, usually ignoring stuff I did not. You might think some of my choices are dumb, and that’s OK! We can all like different things, that’s what makes something like wrestling so great.

(My apologies for crappy pictures I took during the show, my phone does not do well with low-light, or in the case of this particular show, it kept zooming in on the lights)

My Thoughts:

Great First Impression:

I mentioned in my preview article that I had never seen “The Landshark” Conan Lycan prior to seeing the match announcements for this show go up (then I went to YouTube), and if this match was any indication, he’s pretty awesome. Lycan is the perfect mix of a power move guy and sheer athleticism that makes him somebody to really watch for. He definitely had some impressive offense, but “2nd to None” Kenny Alfonzo lived up to his moniker once again and got the win. Kenny Alfonzo has only been at two separate CSW events and he is already a big crowd favorite. Lycan had to deal with deafening chants throughout the match, perhaps leading him to not being on his A-game. Kenny Alfonzo capitalized and sealed the deal. Great opening match for sure!

Tensions are Rising:

I wrote at length before about the problems that are brewing between The Premier and their once-loved manager Roscoe Leech, and they have definitely not improved in the last month. In events following their HUGE loss at Deal With the Steel IV, Roscoe seemed almost disgusted and somewhat dismissive of the antics of The Premier. I mean, they got his butt whooped by a trained MMA coach, I think I’d be a bit angry as well! Last month Roscoe outright avoided aiding them in their quest to be the biggest dirtbags in all of the Midwest (attacking their opponents after the bell), and this time they returned the favor by avoiding any sort of victory celebration with him after their win against Technical Difficulties. I can’t imagine the stress in this relationship can go on much longer. Speaking of the match itself, I am always a fan of both Moses the Deliverer and Rahim De La Suede, and they definitely brought their A-game here tonight. Sadly, The Premier is a formidable team with or without Roscoe, and they were able to secure the win.

RIP Davey Vega

So, “The Atrocity” Krule is a force of nature that CSW may not be prepared for! Going into this, I was pretty worried for Vega considering what I’ve seen Krule do to people in other promotions, and this was no exception. Vega showed a lot of heart in his hard-fought battle, but facing off against a nearly seven-foot-tall mountain of a man with no empathy or regard for human life takes its toll. After the match, CSW security flooded the ring to try to restore order, but Krule had some other ideas. This match really excelled at showing just how powerful and …well….terrifying Krule is. Whoever draws the short straw next month really better look out and be careful! I was sad that I missed out on getting a photo with Krule this time around, but I’m hoping he sticks around in the area for a little while at least. I am happy to report that I got an autograph from Davey Vega after the match and, while banged up, he was not horribly maimed, small victories I suppose.

An All-Out War:

I think everyone assumed that Miracle Violence Reborn vs The Howletts was going to be hard to contain, but I doubt anyone expected the whole thing to collapse entirely forcing the referee to call for a “No Contest.” It will be interesting to see how this pans out going forward, as I can’t imagine a “draw” will sit well with either team, and fans were less than thrilled about the call. Both Moonshine Mantell and Derek Neal famously had to be pulled apart and forced into a leather strap match at one point for a similar reason, so I wonder what Greg Jovi, Coach Frass, and CSW management will come up with assuming this moves forward. All I know is that the fans are going to be in for a hell of a treat!

Three Down, One More to Go!

Luke Langley’s so-called “Revenge Tour” continues after this show with yet another win after a great match against Mike Outlaw furthering balancing the scales on his W/L record. For those that are new to CSW, from 2021-22 Langley suffered loss after loss, resulting in one of the more unfortunate records in the whole company. Something in him snapped at Deal With the Steel IV, and he’s been on an absolute warpath reclaiming his rightful spot in the company. So far, he has dominated in matches against the likes of “The Haymaker” Jamison Holley, Dan the Dad, and now Mike Outlaw. Next up is the current Central States Wrestling Champion. “The Mile High Magnum” Dak Draper. I for one, can’t wait for that match-up! Langley and Outlaw are almost always on top of the list of great matches from whatever show they are on. They are guys that are definitely shaking things up in Missouri wrestling, and have become instant-favorites of mine for sure. Draper better watch out because once Langley hits his Brainbuster, it’s usually all over.

By Popular Demand:

There’s been a lot of rumblings about how CSW didn’t really have too much of a women’s division up to this show, but thankfully CSW Management listened and got on the phone to book two of the hottest female free agents in the state for this show. I’ve always really liked Tootie Lynn, ever since she stole the show at a New Breed Wrestling show about 5-6 years ago, and look forward to pretty much anything she does around here. I’ve seen Heather Reckless wrestle on Fite.TV (Glory Pro), but never live, and she is definitely pretty awesome in her own right. Combined, these two women know each other very well and almost always do a great job. The match was hard-hitting and very competitive, but I doubt many would expect anything less from these two. The crowd initially seemed confused on who to cheer for, as I have a feeling they assumed Reckless was going to be a heel, but once the groove of the match settled in, I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Another Giant Bites the Dust:

Scott Tyler once again stepped into the ring at Violence Begets Violence and proved that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Despite his smaller stature, Tyler has been stacking defeated opponents like discarded lumber these past few months. Most of his opponents may have beaten him in terms of size, but they will never be able to match his heart and determination to win. This match was VERY interesting largely due to the inclusion of Roscoe Leech in the corner of his client Arjun Singh. As you may recall, Leech actually came to Tyler’s aid last month in a match against “The Big Strong Boy” Ethan Price, so many definitely saw that his allegiances were somewhat complicated here. While Leech did not actually go out of his way to help Tyler, he did stop Singh from cheating resulting in a “fair and square” match where Tyler won. As you can imagine, Singh was livid beyond description. When exiting, Roscoe was largely stared down by all three of his current clients (with The Premier standing at the entranceway), something that seems very foreboding.

A Part of Kansas City Wrestling History:

It’s always crazy to go back and watch old clips of wrestling shows from the early nineties – companies such as the infamous ECW or any “hardcore” Japanese promotions such as FMW come to mind to exemplify the cool edgy side of wrestling back then. It seemed that on any given night in ECW, for example, there would be at least one match where the wrestling would spill into the crowd, and two competitors would battle each other right there in the audience. Weapons were of course mandatory, and you better believe blood was going to be spilled. In 2023, it’s easy to look at this as merely historical footage, a place and time that we look fondly back at which will never be reclaimed (I’m sure for others it’s pure horror not to be replicated!). That vibe is exactly what I got from the main event of CSW: Violence Begets violence in March of 2023. A match that I will never forget.

Perhaps taking a page out of the infamous Cactus Jack versus Terry Funk brawl at Hardcore Heaven 1994, “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt and “The Wyatt Slayer” Ace Steel brutalized each other until Jeremy Wyatt once again stood tall as the undisputed “King of Kansas City”. But, to get to that point, things truly got out of hand in Lenexa Kansas! At one point, the match spilled into the crowd, with both men flinging themselves right into the middle of the area where I was sitting. Everyone got up and moved back to allow them to brawl through the chairs. They fought through the chairs and into the concession area using everything nearby as a weapon. Fun fact: one of them seemingly used chairs used by my son and my friend’s son to inflict damage onto the other in the match. Both men shed blood, laid waste to the ring, broke various weapons (including a barbed-wire baseball bat!) over each other’s heads, and wrecked each other’s bodies in an attempt to finally prove who the big dog in CSW truly is.

There were a couple of moments when I definitely got goosebumps watching the unfolding events – I already talked about the fighting into the crowd, something you always see on old dodgy “burned from a VHS tape” sort of Japanese wrestling DVDs from that era, but I never figured I’d see it live. Cactus and Terry used to almost always do it in their matches, and with both men being in my top five wrestlers of all time, any homage, accidental or not, is something I am going to eat up. Speaking of Hardcore Heaven 1994, there is an iconic spot where all of the rabid ECW fans start hurling chairs into the ring with frantic shouts of “STOP THROWING CHAIRS” echoing over the madness. This is a shot that is on nearly every sizzle reel from that company and is incredibly iconic. I was flabbergasted when a low-key version of that happened at CSW: Violence Begets Violence.

There was a moment in the match when Ace Steel gestured to someone to toss him a chair, to which the fan gladly did. Then he made another arm gesture insinuating he wanted more chairs, to which the crowd gladly followed in spades. Suddenly, chairs began to rain into the ring, one after another, chair after chair flying through the air. I felt bad for the camera guys having to dance around the chaos, especially when kids tried to participate only to through chairs at the floor, and the numerous unconscious referees being buried. “STOP THROWING CHAIRS” was echoing over the loudspeakers, and I think everyone in attendance knew that we had just seen something crazy. The footage, much like the old ECW footage, is something that I’m sure will be an iconic part of every future CSW video package from now on. What I thought was crazy was that this was not manufactured by the wrestlers, aside from Ace asking for a chair, or done by fans trying to replicate ECW, it seemed spontaneous, making it much cooler.

What’s cool about this match is that it definitely had an “old-school” vibe to it. I actually quite like older “hardcore matches” because no matter how crazy they got everything was grounded somewhat in reality and things never got too crazy. Nowadays, people build little igloos out of light tubes that fall into them which is definitely visually insane but really overdone at this point. There seems to be a need to top every show every time, which results in men stabbing needles into each other’s groins in matches, which is stuff I can’t stand. Sometimes what you need is a good throwback to really get the blood going. It’s funny that matches like this or any old ECW match seem nostalgic and almost quaint compared to modern deathmatch wrestling for some reason, because back then moral panicking groups of the world would collectively lose their minds because of the evils of wrestling almost weekly.

Jeremy Wyatt sank to new lows that most people didn’t think he could in this match, attacking not one but four different referees throughout the proceedings. That is including his longtime friend Michael Strider, two of the main referees for the show, and yet another former stablemate of his from the foundation days, Lucy Mendez. Lucy was there to be a special referee during the women’s match, but I’m not going to lie, I honestly figured that with her appearance, there was going to be some kind of shenanigans. I mentioned before that I’m trying to get away from having my brain poisoned by corporate wrestling-style booking where everything is a swerve at all times no matter how ridiculous it can be, so I’m happy to report that nothing crazy actually went down other than Jeremy Wyatt going insane and attacking everybody. There was no moment where The Foundation suddenly reformed, there was no moment where Jeremy Wyatt was stripped of his belt by way of interference, and there was no point where other people ran in to interfere in the match or anything of that nature. This was a one-on-one battle between two men that got out of hand which is exactly what was promised in the run up to the show. Hat’s off to CSW Management for keeping it simple and not going too crazy with unnecessary nonsense.

Easily my “Match of the Year” as of this moment, and a milestone in this new era in Kansas City Wrestling’s history.


In the span of the past three months, I have seen two wrestling matches that I would consider some of the best wrestling matches I have ever seen live and that’s not at a Ring of Honor show, an AEW show, or a WWE show. These were all at Central States Wrestling in Kansas City. The unrivaled match quality found at pretty much any Central States Wrestling show is unparalleled and I really believe that all local wrestling fans should go to one of their tapings or at least keep up with them on social media and YouTube. I’ve said it many times that people need to get out and experience live local professional wrestling in any form they can. Sure, it’s all different and not everything is going to be of the quality of some of the stuff I’ve been seeing lately, but you never know, you might show up to one of these showings and witness a piece of history which is what I believe I did at this show.

This show was solid from top to bottom, and not a single match was anything but awesome. Much like with the cage match at the end of CSW: Deal With the Steel IV, the no holds barred street fight was absolutely incredible live. I really hope that when this eventually gets put up on YouTube or streaming that it comes across half as well as when we were there. Granted, I had to get up for a good chunk of the finale simply because we were at ground zero, but we never lost track of what was happening, and the crowd was going absolutely wild during the whole thing.

I sadly might have to miss the next show live, but I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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Since I have far too much free time, I tabulated some W/L records for everyone as well:


  • Dak Draper vs Arjun Singh at Aftermath was not a sanctioned match
  • Dak’s Win at Vendetta 2022 is not counted as this was a four-way match
  • Price’s Win at Strapped is not included due to it being a three way match
  • I originally had a match from WTLB that turned out to be a dark match, it was removed from rankings as of this list.

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