PREVIEW: Central States Wrestling – Violence Begets Violence April 8th, 2023

A live Professional wrestling show by CSW in Lenexa Kansas

In just under two weeks, I will have the pleasure of attending an event I have been eagerly waiting for more than a few weeks now, and I really can’t wait anymore! After a spectacular sold out show in February, it’s time yet again for one of Kansas City’s hottest wrestling shows to pack hundreds of screaming fans into the Lenexa National Guard Armory and blow everyone away. Central States Wrestling – Violence Begets Violence is sure to be a great event, especially considering the wonderful card we have here, it’s jam-packed with any sort of wrestling match a fan would want. Like tag team wrestling? They have it! Like women’s wrestling? They have it! How about a no-holds barred street fight? Well sir, you have come to the right place at exactly the right time! It’s been a busye few weeks for me in regard to my wrestling addiction – I attended a show from Trailblazer Championship Wrestling last week (review will be up soon-ish) and now this. My son and I are both amped up and with any luck this show will deliver like always.

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Main Event – A No Holds Barred Street Fight For The DWF Championship – “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt vs Ace Steel w/ Special Referee: Michael Strider

There’s an old quote when it comes to building a house that states: “You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation.” In terms of the wrestling scene in Kansas City, one can look at the work of one particular wrestling stable (Also called The Foundation) as that very same idea in terms of local professional wrestling; that “building” is the wrestling scene as a whole. The Foundation was a fearsome force in some capacity for well over a decade, both in the ring and behind the scenes. You would be hard pressed to think of any Kansas City wrestling company that was not somehow touched or outright ran by Michael Strider, Jeremy Wyatt, or Ace Steel. Once seen as an unbreakable brotherhood, there are cracks forming that seem to have been testing old allegiances. As any homeowner will tell you, a cracked foundation is not only costly, but it can undermine the entire integrity of the house itself. Something has to give and order has to be restored.

These figurative cracks first started when Ace Steel made his triumphant return to Kansas City at 2022’s Rise of an Outlaw, and shockingly chose to come after his former teammate, Jeremy Wyatt for the DWF Heavyweight Championship. Next, he sided with Brock Anderson (with Arn Anderson) in somewhat of a repeat bout, forcing Wyatt to enlist the hard-as-nails Vic Capri to hopefully ward off his old ally. It appears the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back came at December’s Deal With the Steel IV. Wyatt was up against “The Mile High magnum” Dak Draper for the newly acquired Central States Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, and to his credit, Ace Steel called the match fairly “down the middle” when he was placed in as special guest referee. I assume Wyatt was looking for special treatment, such as being allowed to use a chair during the match, and Steel definitely did not take kindly to being pushed around. Currently, fans are not privy to what happened backstage, but it appears a “no holds barred” street fight is how it’s going to (hopefully) end. With Michael Strider stepping in as a friend and impartial judge, hopefully he can bring sense back into his friends.

A Not so unbreakable bond afterall.

This ought to be a hell of a main event, and I have a feeling this will blow the roof off of that armory building come April 8th. Central States Wrestling excels at providing classic BIG matches, as seen with the street fight and subsequent cage matches involving The Howletts and The Premier. With this in mind, I have no doubt this will be a match people will be talking about for a long time coming.

Tootie Lynn Vs Heather Reckless

The one thing that many have been begging for in CSW are some solid women’s matches (as they have been few and far between as of yet), and that demand has been answered in spades by pitting Heather Reckless and Tootie Lynn together at this show. Both women are regulars in Eastern Missouri, predominantly in the St. Louis area, but have crept to this side of the state a few times. I have seen Tootie Lynn in person a few times with KCXW and New Breed Wrestling, and she easily steals the show at almost every event I’ve seen her on. Her hybrid-style, peppered with hard-hitting martial arts striking, makes her a fearsome foe that many would not tangle with if given the choice. She and Heather Reckless have been embroiled in a very competitive feud for the last few months, with one of their higher profile battles being part of Glory Pro Wrestling’s Sixth Anniversary show from February. That isn’t to say that Reckless is a slouch in any way when we take her fighting capabilities in mind, however she often employs more underhanded tactics. Overall, this could end up being the match that steals the show for a lot of people, and as a big fan of women’s wrestling, I’m all for it.

Miracle Violence Reborn (“The Kings Road Slayer” Derek Neal & Moonshine Mantell) w/ Greg Jovi vs The Howletts (Hoodie & Anaya) w/ Coach Frass

I have a feeling that fans are about to witness an absolute bloodbath between these two teams. On one hand, The Howletts are the fan favorites and survivors of many big battles that came to be the highpoints of CSW in 2022, but they are banged up, even with a few months resting from Deal With The Steel IV. On the other hand, we have Greg Jovi’s Miracle Violence Reborn, a team that took months of unbridled hatred towards each other and harnessed that fury into a physical force that could rival most natural disasters. We have seen what they can do against one of CSW’s best tag teams, Team Ambition, and it may spell doom for The Tribe come this April. This match will likely come down to a psychological battle against Coach Frass Azab and Greg Jovi two men that sit on such diametrically opposite sides of sportsmanship it isn’t even funny. While Coach Frass has trained his boys well, a man willing to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, for a win is a definite wild card that one really can’t prepare for. I think it all boils down to the chief Power source of The Howletts, the fans themselves. We have seen time and time again that the Howlett’s can tap into the power of the Kansas City fans and work miracles in that ring, time will tell if it happens yet again.

“The Atrocity” Krule vs “Spitfire” Davey Vega

“Spitfire” Davey Vega can never seem to catch a break in Central States Wrestling, as he has found himself on the losing end of more than a few matches now. Righting that ship is going to be VERY hard when “The Atrocity” Krule is staring a hole through him from the other side of that ring on April 8th. Fans may recognize Krule from his stint in Major League Wrestling as the mercenary then known as Mads Krügger. It seems he has dropped the international wrestling terrorism bag and has embraced the nihilistic edge of the occult to reform himself into a sadistic monster among men. The 6’10” 319-pound behemoth is making his debut with Central States Wrestling, and I’m sure it will be a debut to remember. Can “Spitfire” Davey Vega overcome the odds and show everyone why he has been known as a “miracle worker” in the past, or will he be sent home to nurse his likely massive wounds?

“2nd To None” Kenny Alfonso vs “The Landshark” Conan Lycan

This match is a complete wild card, but likely just for me specifically. While I have witnessed and enjoyed the work of “2nd To None” Kenny Alfonso in a couple of different promotions, I have yet to see much for “The Landshark” Conan Lycan. What I have seen (via YouTube), however, is a big man packed full of intense power that has the agility and speed of somebody half his size. Kenny impressed everyone at CSW Deal With The Steel IV: Ultimate Jeopardy in his debut match against “Spitfire” Davey Vega, so it will be interesting to see if he can build on that momentum or if “The Landshark” takes a bite out of his drive towards CSW gold.

Mike Outlaw vs “The Black Diamond” Luke Langley

One of my favorite things going on in CSW right now is Luke Langley’s well-deserved climb up the rankings. From 2021-22 Langley suffered loss after loss, resulting in one of the more unfortunate records in the whole company. Something in him snapped at Deal With the Steel, and he’s been on an absolute warpath reclaiming his rightful spot in the company. First he got his win back from “The Haymaker” Jamison Holley in an impressive surprise win that many initially shrugged off as yet another forgone conclusion against Langley. Next, he took Dan the Dad and sent him to “time out” with a hard-fought match that might have easily been my match of the night from When the Levee Breaks.

An artist’s interpretation of Langley seething in anger

Now he’s going to be coming up against Mike Outlaw in what could be his hardest challenge to date. Mike Outlaw has been in title contention in the past, and arguably should have beaten Jeremy Wyatt for the DWF title once before, so this isn’t going to be any sort of cakewalk. Can Langley put this match away and move towards what I assume is his last target: The Mile High Magnum Dak Draper (and his CSW belt!)? Or is Langley destined to slide back down the ladder yet again?

“The Raees” Arjun Singh w/ Roscoe Leech vs Scott Tyler

OH MT GOD! these next two matches will be interesting. For two years we have witnessed Roscoe Leech be one of the most despicable men in all of professional wrestling. That near truism may be changing, considering the shocking turn of events at When the Levee Breaks. Not only did Roscoe basically ignore (if not cringe at) the unsportsmanlike antics of his prime tag team in his portfolio, The Premier, he also walked out on a “beatdown” they tried to goad him into. To make things even more confusing, Roscoe later came out to give encouragement to the young upstart Scott Tyler we it seemed like he might end up taking a loss. So… what does that have to do with this match? Well, Roscoe is the manager for Arjun Singh who is going against that very same Scott Tyler at Violence Begets Violence. Most fans have one question going into this bout – where will his allegiances lie? Arjun Singh has his sights on the CSW Championship, so a bump in the road

The Premier vs Technical Difficulties

If that wasn’t crazy enough, we have Roscoe and The Premier yet again in the mix! Will their previous relationship be able to continue for all the above reasons, or will we see another layer of drama start to unfold? Technical Difficulties is the team of Moses the Deliverer and Rahim De La Suede, both men I have seen quite often in World League Wrestling. Moses has held some pretty prestigious gold before in other companies (albeit with singles wrestling), so this really could go either way. Can The Premier keep their eye on the prize, or will they let their arrogance run wild yet again potentially causing what most would consider a huge upset?

Saturday, April 8th, 2023 at the Lenexa, Kansas National Guard Armory located at 18200 W 87th Parkway Lenexa, KS 66219 ( click here for directions)

Doors will open at 6pm with a 7:05pm bell time.

Tickets appear to still be available, but with the last show being a sellout, I wouldn’t wait too long. Tickets can be found HERE.



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