PREVIEW – Central States Wrestling – When the Levee Breaks – Feb 25, 2023

An Upcoming professional wrestling show in the Kansas City area

The last few months have been characterized by the highest of highs and the lowest of lows for what I would consider one of the best professional wrestling companies in the greater Kansas City areaCentral States Wrestling. Hot off this heels of their massive December show, Deal with the Steel IV, It seemed like nothing could stop the fledgling promotion as it moved towards its next big event. Unfortunately, Midwestern weather turned heel and the new home venue for this company, The National Guard Armory in Kansas City, Kansas, fell victim to an unfortunate flash freeze causing a pipe rupture break that utterly decimated the flooring of the historic venue. Also in the crosshairs was some of the equipment owned by Central States Wrestling. While a setback like that could spell doom for a company, the great news is that despite the issues, management circled the wagons, did a little bit of fundraising, And in exactly one week will be ready to put on what I assume will be another incredible show!

Courtesy of the CSW Facebook page

This time, hailing from an entirely different National Guard Armory in Lenexa, Kansas, the aptly named “When the Levee Breaks” promises to be full of fresh names, fresh feuds, and all the bells and whistles that fans of this promotion have come to love. I waited to do something like this until right now simply because that old saying “card subject to change” has been in full effect these past few months. I won’t go into the details on the evolution of the card because it’s largely not important, but there were a few substitutions here and there that made the past few months pretty interesting, and unless anything else changes it looks like what we’re left with is going to be a pretty solid show.

Longtime readers might notice that I don’t normally do any sort of “preview articles” for wrestling shows that I watch, but I felt like something like this deserved one – or perhaps this is something that I’m going to do more often. We’ll have to see how I feel about this when it’s all said and done, or if any of my readers enjoy this. Either way, please let me know. Without further ado, we’re going to look at the advertised matches for Central States Wrestling – When the Levee Breaks, and start the hype train going into next Saturday night.

choo chooo!

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All Match graphics can be found on CSW’s Facebook page, as seen HERE

To start out, we have Wrex Amadeus and Dallas Cayde, which should be interesting for me considering the fact that I am largely not too familiar with either competitor. Amadeus wrestled an impressive dark match at Deal With The Steel IV, and brings somewhat of an old-school vibe to the modern-age squared circle. One can’t help but compare his look to that of Jake the Snake Roberts, with a mustache that demands respect. Speaking of “old-school” cool, Amadeus will be facing “The Hair Metal Heart Throb” Dallas Cayde, who could easily be all the moms in the audience’s favorite wrestler. Cayde was last seen at Central States Wrestling – Strapped in tag team action, but is going solo this time around. This will be a perfect opportunity to see what he brings to the singles division, and perhaps get that first CSW win. Time will tell if Cayde is going to “Rock you like a Hurricane”, or if he’s “Living on a Prayer” against Amadeus. Either way, this match should be “Nothin’ But a Good Time”.

I have a feeling that this match might just steal the show on Saturday, at least for me. Scott Tyler has built a reputation of being somewhat of a “giant killer” in CSW, in that his relatively smaller size hides his immense athleticism and tenacity. Time and time again, he has gone up against larger wrestlers, and came out victorious. If he can pull off this win, he will be undefeated and officially be on what many would consider a very hot winning streak that not too many on the roster can stack up against. Standing in his way is “The Big Strong Boy” Ethan Price, a man that nobody should show any sort of weakness to, as you better believe he will capitalize. Price has suffered a few losses in the last year, and will likely be looking forward to making Tyler the first rung of his ascent up the card. I’m sure he will sink to any shortcut or trick to do so, so Tyler better watch out. Both of these men have been impressing me each time I see them, and you better bet they will be putting on a hell of a match.

Hot off the heels of a great showing in a dark match at Deal With the Steel IV, Mason St. Goods is getting paired with fellow Team Ambition member Chris Hendrix for a chance at making names for themselves in the CSW tag division. Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, both are from Team Ambition, which has produced some amazing athletes that are no strangers to Kansas City Wrestling (Camaro Jackson and Mike Outlaw, just to name a few). The problem these guys are going to have is that they are facing The Premier, Kansas City’s very own self-proclaimed “World’s Most Dangerous Tag Team” flanked by the insidious Roscoe Leech. The Premier suffered a rather embarrassing loss at December’s show, and one can only imagine that Roscoe is going to try to right the sinking ship. If The Premier can stay focused, and let their loss be water under the proverbial bridge, they will be putting the entire tag division on notice here, otherwise Team Ambition could have the upset of the year up their sleeves.

Greg Jovi seems Hell-bent on assembling the “hoss-est” batch of no-nonsense “country guys” professional wrestling has ever seen. With “Miracle Violence Reborn”, aka Neal and Mantell, seemingly taking a break this month, Jovi has enlisted the “Cornbelt Cowboy” – 1 Called Manders to continue his assault on Team Ambition. I’ve seen 1 Called Manders in GCW before, and he is definitely not a man I’d like to come across pissed off in a dark alleyway. Manders will be facing fan-favorite Mike Outlaw, who I’d imagine will be seeking revenge for the frustrating loss he and Camaro Jackson suffered in December. If Mike can keep Jovi at bay, he definitely has a chance here, but Jovi is always determined and ready to ensure his clients always come home with a big payday after every show.

The overall heart and soul of Central States Wrestling seems to be tied directly to the numerous battles of “The Tribe” (Hoodie and Anaya Howlett w/ Coach Frass) at almost every show. Their almost year-long feud with The Premier was easily one of my favorite wrestling moments of last year, and there’s no doubting that the cage match that (hopefully) ended everything will go down as one of the defining moments of this company’s history. The Howletts have still got to be a little banged up after putting their bodies through the ringer, especially Hoodie, who jumped off a freaking balcony! Rather than take a break, The Tribe is back to put Kansas City tag-team wrestling on the map, and St. Louis has sent two of their roughest and toughest warriors down I-70 for battle. Mainstays of Glory Pro Wrestling, “The Hustle and The Muscle” (Xavier Walker and Karam) are not a pairing to take lightly, and considering the possible condition of The Howletts, it could spell trouble for our local boys. Karam and Walker might not be aware of just how much energy the fans feed The Tribe at every show, so trying to predict the outcome of this match will be VERY hard.

Dan the Dad is back and he’s wondering why all the G-D lights in the house are on! He’s your father’s favorite wrestler, and you better not push it so much he has to take his belt off. Dan is always great, and never fails to put a big smile on my face in any match I see him in. I know one of my son’s favorite moments from his Deal with the Steel IV outing was his belt spot, so I have no doubt we’ll love this as well. “The Black Diamond” Luke Langley is likely not going to put up with too many shenanigans, considering his recent win to Jamison Holley FINALLY put him on the right track after enduring a series of losses at every turn. Langley is going to be trying to prove his win wasn’t a fluke and Dan might just be made into an example.

Here it is, the main event for the evening! “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt has held the DWF Championship since day one in CSW, and I can’t imagine he’s going to let his symbolic “crown” go anytime soon. Wyatt holds a staggering win-loss record of 7 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw going into this show, and pretty close to nobody else is even close to numbers like that. It’s no surprise that many call the man “The King of Kansas City“, as he largely IS the face of KC area wrestling. When facing odds like that, it takes a crazy man, perhaps even a ruthless man, to step up to such a challenge, and a former member of Impact Wrestling’s Violent By Design may just be the sort of new blood CSW needs. Will Jake Something steamroll his way into CSW as the new face of KC wrestling, or will Wyatt sit on his throne once again. This is going to be a solid main event, and I honestly can’t wait until next week!

Central States Wrestling – When the Levee Breaks takes place Feb 25, 2023 at:

Lenexa Kansas National Guard Armory

18200 West 87th Street Parkway

Lenexa, Kansas 66219

Tickets appear to still be available, but considering the last show was a 700+ fan blowout shattering all expectations, I wouldn’t wait too long. Tickets can be found HERE.



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