REVIEW: National WWI Museum – Living The Great War Weekend 2022 [History Tour]

There’s a meme going around that says that anyone that becomes a dad “levels up” to a new version of themselves and has to choose one of two paths 1) being obsessed with smoking meats or 2) being heavily into military history. As you can tell, I definitely have gone head first into World War I history, considering how much WWI stuff I’ve posted these past few years. My interest in learning about this time period definitely has its origins in what I often consider one of the best museums I’ve ever been to, right in the heart of downtown Kansas City. The National World War I museum is something a frequent quite often, usually resulting in 6-10 visits throughout the year. They always have some sort of new exhibit or event going on, but I sadly do wish I could go more to events such as the one I’m talking about today.

National World War I Museum; Kansas City, MO

What I’m talking about are living history reenactment events, something I love seeing despite the interest waning for it in many subjects. For example, interest in Civil War history has largely started to die off, resulting in a lot of once thriving communities around here to dry up entirely. That’s one reason I’ve somewhat latched onto museums that still do this stuff around here, namely Fort Osage, Missouri Town, Mhaffie Stagecoach Museum, and of course the subject of today’s article.


The National World War I Museum has these sorts of events throughout the year at various times, however this one appears to be the big one that really showcases the work of a small group of re-enactors called The Living History Volunteer Corps.

“The Living History Volunteer Corps at the National WWI Museum and Memorial is a group of professional and amateur historians that examine and educate the public on the human dimension of the Great War through research, militaria collecting and living history. Living history incorporates historical tools, activities and dress into an interactive presentation that seeks to give observers and participants a sense of stepping back in time. At the Museum and Memorial, Living History Volunteer Corps members engage the public through a variety of programs and initiatives, including regular “Day in the Life” demonstrations surrounding crucial World War I topics and an annual “Living the Great War” encampment and demonstration event on the exterior grounds of the Museum and Memorial.”


This was a pretty cool little walkthrough event that had some nice activities for kids and cool artifacts to look at. You can’t beat the price of FREE, so the trip was well worth the time in just about every way. You can’t really spend too much time there unless you really go in and talk to all of the volunteers, and since I went with a small child, that really wasn’t on the cards. Keep an eye on the museum’s schedule for other events, as I’m sure they have more coming up soon.

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