REVIEW: Pro Wrestling Crate October 2022 Spoilers

A monthly subscription crate from Pro Wrestling Crate

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I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely LOVE the themed boxes that occasionally come out from Pro Wrestling Crate. Usually they have better items and the themes really force the curators not to just toss random stuff in due to availability. Historically, The October “Masks and Paint” box has been my favorite, and I’m sure this one will be no different. With fall in the air, and Halloween on the horizon, perhaps there will be something in here to help me prepare for Halloween? Let’s find out!

As with all of these, a part of the proceeds are donated to charity, this time it’s The Sara Lee Memorial Fund.

“We’re all shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Tough Enough winner Sara Lee. As her loving husband, Cory, picks up the pieces and continues to raise their 3 children, the last thing anyone in that position wants to be worried about is money and paying for a funeral and everything else that comes along with it. The wrestling community has always been one to come together in the wake of tragedy and this is no different. Every penny raised from this will go directly to Cory and the kids. Thank you all in advance. RIP Sara, you were one of the good ones.”

For those new to these subscription crates, Pro Wrestling Crate usually packs in anywhere from 8 to 10 items every month – these include a guarantee of a Micro Brawler Figurine, two T-shirts, a lapel pin, and an autographed 8 by 10 photo. Usually there’s a couple of small additional items in every box making this well worth the money spent. I would recommend, if you can swing it, purchasing A six month or yearly subscription as you get a pretty hefty discount doing so. In the past, I have subscribed to a number of different boxes, generally not liking most of them to be honest, but the guys over at Pro Wrestling Tees always do a fine job of picking great items making this my favorite subscription box of them all. You can also get a double dose of crate action with AEW’s All Elite Crate as well.

Spoiler Card:


OH MY GOD! This Robo Cop / Sting Shirt is easily the best shirt I have EVER obtained from these boxes. For those unaware, WCW tried too hard to have movie tie-ins at the time, and famously had the fictional character ROBO COP come out to help sting at Capital Combat 1990. To this day, I believe he is the only ally of Sting that never turned on him. This Mick Foley / Texas Chainsaw Massacre shirt is also pretty great, so what a start to this box!

I’m a sucker for so-called “Wrestle Crap”, and this was always one of my favorites:


I wasn’t really watching WWF at the time that The Warlord was there, but I always thought he had a cool look, and this seems like a somewhat rare autograph. I’m all in!

Micro Brawler:

Gotta Love that Danhausen! Considering I recently paid for a cameo of Danhausen for my son’s birthday, let’s just say this Halloween-themed figure went over well.

Brawler Ballz:

I’m not really a fan of these, but my son likes them so I always kick them his way. He thought it was cool and that’s all that matters.


Love them or hate them, The shock-Rap duo The Insane Clown Posse are intricately woven into the history of pretty much every big wrestling company today, with the sole exception of AEW. I’m sure many will love these more than me, I can’t not see that these are great pins nonetheless. I have tons of these lapel pins, and they almost always are pretty solid. My only issue is that I need to find another thing to hang these on, because getting a box every month for years now has amassed me quite the collection!

Comic Book:

Last year’s Halloween horror comic was also in this line and had a cool Danhausen 3-D image, so I was interested to see how this one stacked up. This comic features an introductory pin-up of sorts featuring AEW’s Abadon.


Hands down, the Sting / Robocop shirt made this entirely worth it, the rest of the box could have been broken glass and I was have still been excited. I loved the Micro Brawler, and the autograph as always, with perhaps the Brawler Ball as the only item I was somewhat lukewarm on. Even then, this box lived up to my own self-imposed hype and over-delivered!

If you would like information on signing up for this service, please click HERE

This is what is in store for next month:


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