Video: All Regenerations From Hartnell to Smith (Including Hurt and McGann)

Here is a fitting tribute to the one time every few years that Doctor Who fans both dread and anticipate the most – The regeneration. This video includes ALL of the regenerations minus the fake-out one with David Tennant where he displaced the energy and simply healed himself. That’s right, you see both John Hurt and McGann in here! I am confused by the inclusion of Matt Smith’s Doctor and his “death” at the hands of “The Impossible Astronaut”, but I didn’t make the video. And without further ado…



  1. The music made this soo really emotional! I guess that was the desired effect :). The person who made this could have left out that Matt Smith regeneration since it never really happened, right? Didn’t they rewrite history or something?

    I was new to Doctor Who with Chris Eccleston and was so sad when he was replaced by Tenant, but then Tenant turned out to be my favorite doctor 🙂 I was very sad to see him go! So with a heavy heart I will also hate to see Matt Smith go, but if I got over Tenant’s regeneration, I will survive this one too 🙂


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