The Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Every once in a while, one of these nice blog awards rolls through the entire “blogosphere” and gives many of us an excuse to personally thank other bloggers that we enjoy reading and/or inspire us in some way. Earlier this week I was awarded “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award” by a fellow blogger named Gene’O, from the blog Sourcerer. I wish to thank Gene’O, and hope others will check his blog out! These aren’t real “awards” as some people think about them, in that they do not have a panel that chooses a winner and there is no prize. These are more like a recognition meme of sorts – a way for bloggers to look back and thank their online buddies.

The award itself has simple rules:

  • Link to the blog that awarded you
  • Post 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 7 other blogs for the award

So here we go, I guess I’ll post seven random things about myself since I rarely talk about myself on here.

1) Ever since I graduated, I’ve become one of those people that, for whatever reason, tries to stay busy all the time. Aside from blogging, I work full time, help on a buddy’s podcast, and take college classes through EDX. This has led to me getting “burnt out” every once in a while. I try to reign it in the best that I can.

2) I used to be really into metal music in High School, and still enjoy it but not exclusively like then. As I’ve aged, my tastes actually broadened and I listen to incredibly heavy stuff like Norwegian Black Metal mixed with poppy sounds of 80’s post punk and new wave. I shudder to think of someone that accidentally stumbles into my iTunes account.

3) For the fist ten years of my “adult life” (I’m 31 now), I never got my driver’s license. In fact I only started driving when I turned 27, and it was because I got a job pretty far from my house. My wife and I try to live frugally, so retail work did not support the idea of owning a car.

4) I’m a “cat guy” because I’m fairly scared of dogs to a degree. When I was four years old I was mauled by the family dog, and as one would assume – I simply don’t trust them anymore. I have kept cats ever since then, and people joke around that “I’m a crazy cat lady”, even though I’m not a lady of any sort…lol

5) I used to be REALLY into Japanese anime, so much that I was once the president of the local anime club. although I’m not into what many newer fans are into, I almost enjoy anime sci-fi better than British sci-fi.

6) I’m not a sports guy at all. Although, I’m a HUGE fan of professional wrestling. despite me knowing exactly how fake it is, much to the dismay of non-fans that non-politely try to remind me of the fact. I just like the athleticism, stories, and matches more than “real sports”.

7) I have a handlebar mustache that I have gone as far as to purchase mustache wax to maintain.

And now, here are a few blogs to check out (my nominees):

  • In My Not So Humble Opinion – I posted about how much I enjoy Ben’s blog before. If you enjoy comics and other nerd topics, check it out!
  • Ruminations and Observations – Belle runs an interesting blog that combines photography, history lessons, and even Doctor Who. It’s great!
  • CK Ponderings – A great photography blog usually focusing on places in and around the UK. His 365 days and 500 days series are always interesting to see.
  • The *Nixed Report – One of my friends, Thomas, runs a Unix/pop culture site that I sometimes appear on the Podcast for.
  • Is My Geek Showing – Another site that occasionally posts Doctor Who stuff plus a multitude of other topics.
  • No Chic, Just Geek – Awix posts stuff that is leagues above what I write about. His posts are very detailed and almost scholarly in many regards.
  • Here’s You a Blog – The blog of Lisa Bonnice, writer, podcaster, and talk show host!

Well that’s it for today! I hope everyone has a great holiday Next week!!

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