REVIEW: The Love and Creed of Sae Maki Chapter 3 (2015)

A manga by Tohru Uchimizu

With the events of chapter two of The Love and Creed of Sae Maki, I was wondering if the comic had peaked far too early, With Sae revealing herself to be crazy and a possible out for Misao appearing, it seemed like a near climax, only for the stakes to escalate up up and away in Chapter three. I mentioned in my previous review that Misao had been receiving messages from a mysterious person claiming to be from Sae’s past that knew exactly what she was like. They claimed to have a way out if she was willing to take it. This boy’s name is Wataru Kokai, and while we are not certain as to how he was personally affected by the “love” of Sae Maki, we now know how far her affections can go, with accusations of her being linked to the untimely deaths of many of her past “friends”. This rattles Misao to her absolute core, and she is willing to try ANYTHING to be rid of her overbearing new bestie.

“Misao is a high school girl who is terrible at making friends. One day, she’s saved from her loneliness by Sae, whose academics, athleticism, and even appearance are “perfect.” But Sae’s idea of friendship is a little distorted…As the story moves on, Misao is trapped by Sae, who controls Misao as she pleases. Feeling that her life is in danger, Misao and Kokai, a young man who vows to save her, strategize ways to release Misao from Sae’s control.”

Kokai lays out what he sees as the perfect plan to ruin the bond between Sae Maki and Misao – making Misao so different to what she is now that Sae Maki would instantly end up hating her. He knows by previous experience that Sae has a “type” and any deviation from that upsets her. Anything far away from a small, submissive, and quiet girl with pigtails could be the ticket out of there, so Misao changes her hair, becomes loud and incompetent in class, starts picking her nose, acting uncouth and much more. Unfortunately, this all leads Sae to re-assert her dominance over Misao in a fairly shocking way. The next issue should be interesting, especially when death at the hands of Sae Maki is apparently on the table.

I’ve posted this before, but I feel like it’s important to include this in each review. This manga is published by Akita Publishing Co.,Ltd. directly to the US market via digital sales on Amazon, which is the same format used for comics like Creature (another by them) and Lockdown Zone Level X, which I have been slowly reading for the last year. I actually like this delivery method because I don’t have a ton of room to be buying manga paperbacks all the time, and it’s easier to tell if I will like something or not with a few chapters at a lower price. It’s a great alternative to succumbing to pirate “scan-lation” companies that generally are not that good at what they do and steal money from the creators. I’m not saying I have never used such sites, but if it’s available legitimately, I prefer that over anything shady.

As always, The Love and Creed of Sae Maki is a comic that has really surprised me, considering I read chapter one a LONG time ago and waited forever to continue it. For someone like me, that likes to occasionally grab inexpensive ebooks for my Kindle, a release plan like what we have here is a great way to “taste-test” a manga and not commit to a full-on book all at once. I also like how smaller companies like this book’s publisher have been bringing over relatively obscure properties that may have been glossed over by some of the big publishing houses. So far, none of these have been bad in any way, and have become some of my favorite comics of the year. Keep checking back, and I will eventually keep reviewing these, and with this series being on Kindle Unlimited, it will be easy to keep going.

This book is available in a chapter-by-chapter format on Amazon


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