REVIEW: Pro Wrestling Crate April 2022

A monthly subscription crate from Pro Wrestling Crate

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As anyone that has eyes can tell you, it’s definitely not the month of April, and I entirely forgot to post this when I should have! When I received this box, it was the same day that I went to Planet Comicon, and I guess it got lost in the shuffle quite a bit. I did wear one of the shirts to the con and got quite a few props for it, especially from the wrestlers I was able to meet. That’s what I love about some of the stuff from Pro Wrestling Tees, they make good quality stuff that fans like. Be prepared, as I ALSO have the May box in my possession, as we speak, and plan to do a quick write-up sometime during this LOOOONG holiday weekend.

To begin, I always point out that each one of these boxes contains a charity that some of the proceeds have gone towards. these are usually wrestling-related, but not always.

This month the charity was the Michael Grush Teeth Fund. I’m honestly not sure who Mr. Grush is, but it sounds like he definitely needed some dental work done.

“Michael Grush is one of the funniest people I know. He’s also smart, scrappy, resilient, and ready to fix up his mouth. Grush grew up in poverty where doctor and dentist visits were something his family couldn’t afford. Now, with insurance through work for the first time in his life, Grush is ready to shine up his teeth and give them a new debut.”

For those new to these subscription crates, Pro Wrestling Crate usually packs in anywhere from 8 to 10 items every month – these include a guarantee of a Micro Brawler Figurine, two T-shirts, a lapel pin, and an autographed 8 by 10 photo. Usually there’s a couple of small additional items in every box making this well worth the money spent. I would recommend, if you can swing it, purchasing A six month or yearly subscription as you get a pretty hefty discount doing so. In the past, I have subscribed to a number of different boxes, generally not liking most of them to be honest, but the guys over at Pro Wrestling Tees always do a fine job of picking great items making this my favorite subscription box of them all. You can also get a double dose of crate action with AEW’s All Elite Crate as well.

Spoiler Card:


Both shirts are awesome this month! I wore the Dusty Rhodes shirt to Comicon and became an instant “cool shirt guy” with any wrestling fan I came across. The Britt Baker shirt is the first one that I have seen them do with an all-over print, and it’s definitely one of the better designs they’ve ever done. I’d love to see them do more like it!


This month’s autograph is Dirty ‘Dango himself, also known as Fandango as I assume most of you already know. It’s a cool picture, and will look great with my collection.

Micro Brawler:

After last month, I knew it would be too good to be true to get yet another chase figure, so it’s just the regular edition yet again. Considering how damn near impossible it is to get the other Sean Waltman Micro Brawler (seeing that it was for X-Pac and WWE must have blocked its sale), this was a cool item to see!

Children’s Book by Adam Page:

A few of these children’s books have been released, and they are pretty cool. I can read them to my son and he always seems to like them.


This time, it’s two pins for the price of one! While The Briscoes are not the best looking dudes out there, their pins are at least pretty cool.


As always, not much to say about a sticker, but this is a cool one for sure!


This was another somewhat conservative crate offering with the standout items being the T-Shirts yet again. Occasionally, there is a real stinker of a shirt in there, but generally they are always a highlight for me so don’t read much into that. There was no “bad” item here. For fans of classic WWF and lapel pin collectors, this was probably a great box in just about every way. For me, it was kind of middle of the road, but definitely far from the worst.

If you would like information on signing up for this service, please click HERE

This is what is in store for next month:


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