REVIEW: Lockdown Zone Level X – Chapter 7 (2020)

A manga by Oishi Romy and Meshe

When we last left Shuhei and Ryoka they were preparing to face the third iteration of “X” (pronounced Sai), which, according to a notebook found on the rooftop at the end of “level two” was possibly a duo named “Hansel and Gretel”. As the readers we get a tiny glimpse of this possible two part monster at the end up chapter six, but at the end of this chapter, we really still don’t know exactly the nature of them. As Shuhei finishes his routine phone call with Ryoka, something that happens each time the loop resets, a small girl enters his room…

“Shuhei discovers a young girl in his apartment and wonders who she is and how she got there! The first answer is simple. That was revealed in the notebook Ryoka found previously. But how she got into his room and why she is there is uncertain and a mystery that even Ryoka with her time-slipping abilities may not be able to solve quickly.”

On one hand Shuhei is terrified, but on the other hand his instincts are to protect the small child that seemingly needs his help. Just as he is assured “Gretel is a real girl” by patting her head, a huge monster comes in and seemingly eats them both. We don’t really get a clear look at what we assume is Hansel, nor do we know if Gretel is actually villainous or another innocent. I honestly wonder if she is a lure like what one of those hideous deep ocean fish use to catch their prey.

This chapter seems unbearably short, although it’s probably the same length as all the other chapters. Just as we get to the action, a total kill occurs and we get yet another reset with uncertainty that any worthwhile information has been retained. The only evidence Ryoka say was a severed child’s hand on the ground before her own head was basically bitten off, I can’t imagine she had much time to take in her surroundings at all. As always, this is a solid manga, that is being released in these small chunks on Amazon vs a trade paperback like what most are used to. Overall I have enjoyed it immensely and plan to read as much as they decide to release. Join me again soon to find out what happens next!


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