REVIEW: Tales from the Road – Christian Cage (2019)

A Comic Book by Jay Reso (Christian) and Mike Kingston

I used to listening to a lot of podcasts that featured wrestlers being interviewed by other wrestlers, and some of the crazier episodes were always the ones where Canadians discussed their yearly tours of the far northern reaches of the country, out in the frigid wastelands. This particular comic, as written by AEW’s Christian Cage (Jay Reso) and Mike Kingston tells what I assume is a fictionalized version of one such tour.

“Heavyfoot Logan Hayden is making his WFW debut when he runs into a familiar face. Take a trip down memory lane as Logan relives his time on an infamous Canadian Death Tour! Art by Tony Gregori, Doug Hills and Jenny Gorman with letters by Jacob Bascle.”

This comic tells the story of a wrestler named “Heavyfoot” Logan Hayden, a man that has made quite a name for himself with a national company. On a trip to Canada, he runs into an old promoter that he used to work for, notorious for running these sorts of long distance winter tours. Just starting out, he gets into some truly hairy situations on said tour, including a spot where some town has obviously not made a good deal or some such, and the promoter needs to skip town. The wrestlers end up in a high speed chase, and get ready to defend their lives, with Hayden grabbing a particular weapon that becomes his nickname from that point on. This was pretty funny, and I would not be surprised if this either happened to Christian or he heard about this story in the past.

As always, Mike Kingston did a great job with this comic. The story flies by, which isn’t hard considering how short these can be sometimes, but I’d love to see more like this following crazy things that have happened on tours. I’m sure most Canadian wrestlers could fill entire books with stuff like this considering the countless hours of podcasts you can listen to. These comics come bundled with Pro Wrestling Crate each month and give that box plenty of value for your buck. Stay tuned for more, as I still have more of these to go!



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