REVIEW: Pro Wrestling Crate October 2021

A Curated wrestling themed box from Pro Wrestling Tees

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It’s that time yet again, not only is it spooky season, but it’s also around the 20th of the month, which means my monthly box of goodies from Pro Wrestling Crate is here! This month obviously has somewhat of a Halloween theme in all of the items, and I was excited to see what would happen. This is actually my second box this month from Pro Wrestling Tees, seeing that I also recently opened one of their new AEW Crates, it’s been a great month! If you are new to my page or pro wrestling curated boxes entirely, this is the one that I absolutely recommend above all else that I’ve tried. It always has the best items, is relatively inexpensive (especially when subscribing long term), And has the most robust list of participating athletes in comparison to others. In every box you are guaranteed two T-shirts, an enamel pin, an autographed 8×10 picture, and one of the highly sought after  figures that have become all the rage on online figure collecting groups. A lot of times they rotate things like DVD’s into the mix, but it is almost always made worth it with around eight items per box.

This box was the fourth box themed around “masks and paint”, but with a Halloween splash.

I knew that by rule of elimination who the Brawler likely was going to be, and was hoping for a Danhausen shirt, so lets see what happened.

The Spoiler Card

As with each and every Pro Wrestling Crate, this month’s crate both promotes and has donated funds to a wrestling-related charity which always makes them a class act. This month, some of the money is going to “Nasty Boy” Brian Knobs to help with medical expenses.

“Just yesterday, Brian was rushed by ambulance to the emergency ward where he is going through a battery of tests to determine the severity of his major stomach issues. His doctors have expressed extreme concern and told Brian that he will probably remain in the hospital for at least the next couple of months. Coupled with his stomach issues, Brian’s good knee has finally given out and requires a surgery if he hopes to walk again. Brian is a proud man who has tirelessly worked his entire life to be self-sufficient. Like all of us, he has struggled through the pandemic, and just recently attempted new work travel, but the extreme pain forced him to stop. Compounding his failing physical health, Brian has lost many of his closest friends in the business to health issues of their own, which has seriously dampened his mental outlook. Losing his ability to hit the road and make a living, and having Limited insurance to cover his mounting medical and household bills, Brian is humbly reaching out for help with a GoFundMe campaign.”

Darby Allin autographed 8×10

This one actually surprised me a little bit. Considering the company is now doing a box entirely related to AEW merchandise, I was sure that most of the more high ticket items from that would go towards that crate, so seeing Mr. Allin in the envelope was awesome!

The Shirts

Almost every single month, these shirts are the highlight of my create opening experience. Usually there is one shirt that I’m really excited about and another that I’m happy but not as into – this month, however, Has two shirts that I am super excited to own. First and foremost I love this Danhausen shirt, it perfectly captures the pure evil that he claims to be despite not actually doing very much evil deeds in any way whatsoever LOL. the Evil Uno shirt is both spooky and fun and will be a great addition to my T-shirt collection.

Gangrel Enamel Pin

Always quality pins in the mix from these guys. Apparently, there was a “chase” limited edition variant out there, but I sadly got a normal one.

Papa Shango Make-up Kit

While I will never use this for it’s intended purpose, it’s a cool idea and as long as the make0up inside doesn’t degrade in a disastrous way, its a cool thing to collect.

Demolition Sticker

Can’t say too much about a sticker, but it’s a good design.

Shane Helms Micro Brawler

There’s a Hurricane coming through! To quote the guys over at the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast – this is VERY “Toyetic”. No chase again this month, but honestly this is probably my favorite Micro Brawler this year!

…..and finally

Comic Book

I’m truthfully not sure if the 3D glasses that were included in this box go to the one image in this mostly black and white comic book, or the Danhausen shirt containing the same picture, but it’s a cool addition nonetheless.  When I try to describe what Danhausen’s gimmick is two people, I usually mention the fact that he reminds me of a late night horror host such as Svengoolie or even Elvira. Growing up in Kansas City (or KC adjacent) , I remember absolutely loving our late night UHF station carrying a show by a local horror host named Crematia Mortem, Find memories that stick in my mind even to this day. I honestly think that’s why I like Danhausen so much, and he fill that role so well as this comics very own version of The Cryptkeeper, narrating this book. Considering his love of horror movies, at least according to his YouTube channel, perhaps one of these days he will do something like this in the future. I will have to try to review this comic for an upcoming article, please stay tuned.


Overall, this was a solid box with a couple of outstanding items. The T shirts and the figurine are perhaps my favorites as they almost always are, but that autographed picture is also pretty high up there. While I will never use the makeup kit, and I’m kind of surprised about its inclusion in the box it has a lot of character and absolutely fits the theme perfectly. Definitely one of the better boxes this year!

November crate preview:

c;moooooon Virgil Micro Brawler!

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