The London 2012 Olympics Are a Hotspot of Doctor Activity

New Doctor Who for us! Written by kids as well, should be fun 😛


Did somebody say they want to see fresh Doctor Who material before the next season starts in a few months? Well then check out this brief video about the 11th Doctor helping out an Olympic torch-runner in the London 2012 Olympics. It was written by the students of the Ashdene School in Cheshire, England as part of a “Script to Screen” competition hosted by the BBC kids show Blue Peter. Because I guess that kind of thing happens in England. Either way, it’s a fun new bit with the Doctor and Amy Pond.

Though as any fan will tell you, we already know that the 10th Doctor is already at the scene of the London 2012 Olympics, and in fact he will eventually be the one to carry the torch the final leg of its journey to start the games.

Because that’s how time travel works.

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