Catherine Tate on the U.S. Office Recap

This week’s episode of the Office was notable for sci-fi fans as it contained the return of Catherine Tate’s Nellie Bertram character. We last saw Nellie as one of the many possible replacements for Steve Carell’s Michael Scott alongside James Spader, Jim Carey, and Ray Romano. In Nellie’s interview she proposed many “wonderful” ideas such as an office system where there is no boss, and everything is run in a socialistic way, then an alternative system in which everybody exists as someone else’s boss. The character was pretty funny, and for someone that doesn’t care a whole lot for a lot of Tate’s comedy roles such as her skit show, that’s high praise.

Word around TV land is that the character will be showing up throughout the second half of this current season in a story arc where half of the Dunder Mifflin staff travels to Florida to kickstart a retail arm of parent company Sabre. Once arriving, it becomes apparent that Nellie called up a favor from her friend Jo, former CEO of Sabre (Kathy Bates), and became the head of this new venture. For folks wanting a bit of old school Office awkwardness ala the Michael Scott era, look no further – Nellie is basically a female version with even worse sense when it comes to working in the real world. While Michael was a good-natured attention hog, Bertram is the type of person that has failed upwards and uses buzzwords and jargon to seem like they know what they are doing, when they are in fact clueless.

So yeah, in short, Doctor Who fans should catch The Office for the next few weeks!

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