Cool T-Shirt Alert

I Just wanted to let everyone out there know about a newish trend in e-commerce and clothing – the “limited edition” T-shirt websites. Since nerds like pop culture references and the like, these sites end up being a nerd heaven as they have many sci-fi shirts. The only downside is that once the 24 hour counter hits zero, the shirt is gone forever – or at least harder to come by as I will show you:


So far I have ordered two shirts from Teefury, both Doctor Who shirts obviously. check out there “archive gallery” to see some past shirt designs, and scope out the two I actually picked up below:


Just like above, just with fewer Doctor Who shirts 😛

If you like a shirt in these site’s archives but miss out on them, you may have one last chance. I found a way to possibly get them if you have some extra cash. Most of these artists also post their stuff on a site called redbubble, all one has to do is search for their name you see on the other two sites. Sadly one loses the cheap price as these bad boys sell for nearly 30 bucks! but it’s worth it when you can get stuff like this:

Finally, there is a site with even CHEAPER shirts called 6 dollar tees, that is worth a look especially if you like meme related stuff.

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