Dear Spambots

There is nothing I love seeing more than ridiculous spam messages in my moderation queue on here. When I woke up this afternoon, this gem was waiting for me:

“Our wedding day is 10-10-10 and will take place outside Nashville, TN at an historic home. If I had to describe our theme, it would be “classic, Southern soiree with a modern twist.” The men will be in classic one-button tuxedos, the bridesmaids in beige and black. We are having an outdoor wedding/indoor reception. Our colors are black, ivory, shades of cream and white, accented with dark reds, crystals, pearls and metallics. The home is bricked and so is the reception hall. I have purchased tons of antique Anchor Hocking cut glass bud vases, votive candles, lights to string and crystals to scatter. I want everything to twinkle!”



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