Upcoming Reviews

Here is some content I plan for the next few months!

Hyperdrive – ongoing – just finished season 1, season 2 is also on streaming.

Day of the Triffids – Same as Hyperdrive…I just need to write something for a few eps.

Big Finish audio plays – I have a large number of Big Finish audio plays that I obtained in bulk, so I am going through all of them in order.  I actually started listening to them around six months ago, hence the “quick review” format.  Once I get caught up to a point where I am writing about them 100% fresh, I will do longer reviews.

A for Andromeda – The remake from 2005-ish.  I have always wanted to see the original A for Andromeda I love to see early TV sci-fi, but alas it suffered the same fate as a lot of other old TV shows, and a lot of it does not exist.

The Quatermass Project – This is the live re-make that David Tennant was in just prior to his run in Doctor Who.  I’ve had this on my computer forever (seriously like 4 years!) and have yet to watch it!

Tripods – These will be the books, I eventually want to get the show, but I’d like to read the books first.

I have more that I plan on doing, but this is my plate for now!

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