REVIEW: Lockdown Zone Level X – Chapter 4 (2020)

A manga by Oishi Romy and Meshe

After the introduction of “X” (pronounced “Sai”) version 2.0, it seemed like Ryoka and Shuhei were once again stuck in an unwinnable situation. With a creature that kills based on any sort of sound it’s victims may make, it’s just a matter of time before they would be caught. It’s another day, another loop, and Ryoka fills Shuhei in again about what’s happening. A plan is hatched to get to the top of the building, but there’s a problem – Ryoka lives far above Shuhei, making it VERY hard for them to meet up. Surely one of them would run afoul of the eyeless marauder. Sadly, this is exactly what happens and it’s a showdown between “X” and Shuhei while Ryoka tries to climb dozens of flights of stairs.

“Ryoka has uncovered something unique about the “new reality” she has been reliving. But to further investigate this new anomaly she has to make a potentially dangerous trek to the top floor of her apartment complex. Normally that would mean taking SAI head on, but this time Shuhei has a plan to lure the unidentified being away from her.”

Fair warning – this fourth chapter of Lockdown Level X by Oishi Romy and Meshe is NOT on Amazon for some reason, presumably taken down? I have no idea. I was able to snag a digital copy of it from another app called Kobo, which is a competitor to the Kindle. This was not ideal, and I hope they get this straightened out because having the whole thing together on my tablet is much preferred. I know that is sadly one of the issues with having non-physical copies of things, and it did not hamper my enjoyment of the story.

This chapter doesn’t really move the overall plot along too much, but gives Shuhei a bit of character development and substance he has been sorely lacking so far. In previous chapters, he has largely been an a tag-along character that acts to impede Ryoka due to her obvious crush on him and need to make sure he is safe. Now, armed with a sword and some agility this side of a Shonen Jump comic, Shuhei seems to be ready for business, and hopefully he earns his keep this time around. Hopefully next time, a bit more of the mystery is unraveled in regards to what is happening, as I am hungering for more information. Maybe Shuhei will remember something? Here’s hoping!


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