REVIEW: Pro Wrestling Crate November 2021

A Wrestling Blind Subscription Box by Pro Wrestling Tees

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Just prior to Thanksgiving, I was blessed with a package in my mailbox from Pro Wrestling Crate, so that means it’s time yet again to look at what goodies they sent out in their monthly subscription box! I have had this box for a few years now, and it’s always worthwhile, Even a “bad box” is better than when I used to get the WWE Loot Crate and a handful of other boxes. This month isn’t a themed, so it’s sort of a grab bag of items. These un-themed months are generally not as monumental as the themed ones, so we’ll see how this goes!

As always, Pro Wrestling Crate donates a portion of it’s monthly proceeds to a wrestling-related charity. This month it was Tag Me In United. Tag Me In United is a charity to bring awareness about mental health to wrestling fans and hopefully many more. I’m not usually into these “bringing awareness” charities, for example Susan G, Komen, because who the F doesn’t know what cancer is? Somebody’s getting rich and it isn’t cancer patients. But with TMIU, this is a thing that easily could gain traction simply because most people have some kind of mental health issue, but many bottle it up. Having “heroes” of professional wrestling come forward and discuss it might just be the thing that gets somebody to seek help. Fingers crossed they can so some good work!

“Professional wrestlers from around the world have come together to raise awareness for mental health with the launch of the new “Tag Me In” initiative. The goal of “Tag Me In” is to normalize a conversation about mental health, rid the mental health stigma and reiterate that those affected are never alone.

The wrestling community is incredibly close and when something happens to someone in the business, they come together. With the world rounding the curve of the COVID-19 global pandemic that resulted in social isolation, it became more apparent than ever that a bigger conversation around mental health was needed and thus, the “Tag Me In” vision was born.

For more information on “Tag Me In,” please visit and follow us on social media”

Spoiler Card:


When I worse my Kenny Omega shirt to work the other day, it was an absolute hit. While I figure most folks were likely thinking I had a My Hero Academia shirt from a distance, it was an opportunity to possibly get folks excited about AEW. The Luna shirt was a surprise, what a cool addition to my collection. Luna Vachon isn’t a person you see get much merch anymore, but perhaps her Dark Side of the Ring gets her a bit more of a legacy despite the tragic content.

Tales from the Road Comic:

These are always fun to read, although I need to get caught up the last few of them. This time the comic is based on a story by The Iinspiration, AKA formerly the Iiconics and current Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champs.

Tyler Breeze Hand Mirror:

I probably won’t use this, but it’s a cool idea. Guess I’ll toss it in my shaving bag and see what happens.

Micro Brawler:

YASSSSSS, I was hoping this was the figure this month. I’m sure I’m the only one excited but I have a weird fondness for Virgil due to a running joke my highschool friends and I had dating back to Virgil’s tenure as Vincent in the nWo. We noticed that for the longest time he literally didn’t do much more than stand there in the gigantic nWo group beatings, so we started to pretend he was the real powerhouse behind the group. We’d joke around that he had a title shot coming up, pick him as the winner of World War III etc. It’s an inside joke that has run it’s course, but stuff like this still makes me laugh.


After getting pretty much everyone else from The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, it’s cool to get a ‘Swoggle auto. While his character in WWE was somewhat rough, the dude seems like a cool guy in real life, and he’s hilarious on the indy stuff he does.


Considering Terry Funk is in my “Mount Rushmore of Wrestling” this was a welcome addition to my collection.

Enamel Pin:

I’m honestly pretty sure I’ve never seen an RJ City match, but this pin has made me do a bit of googling, so it’s worked for him a bit. Solid pin for my collection.


This is not my favorite box or anything, but it had some good items. The shirt or the Virgil figure were probably my favorite items, so it’s definitely worth the cash. I was kind of baffled by the mirror, but it’s a cool idea – can’t say it’s something I’ve seen before and it fits his character. Next Month appears to have a Mick Foley item, so that makes me pretty happy 🙂

Here’s a teaser of the December Crate:

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