An Interview with Comic Artist/Writer Volkmar Fleckenstein

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Great Odin's Raven!

In my quest to get some Pagan and/or Viking era related comics into my library, I routinely scour Kickstarter and Amazon for new titles I have not seen. One of my favorites so far has been the work of a artist/writer named Volkmar Fleckenstein out of Germany. We corresponded for a while after I reviewed his first Wife of Freyr comic, and I’m always excited to see pretty much anything he is working on. What makes his work different is that he is not interested in making cool pop-culture Viking stuff for guys that think Paganism is an excuse to drink and get rune tattoos (not slamming both but you know the type). Volkmar has a goal to try to recreate Norse Paganism in it’s most primordial form, hopefully excluding any Christian influence from Iceland. That means that he does TONS of research and tries to visualize Pagan rituals as…

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