Standing in the Shadow of Muta: a Look at Great Muta Clones Through the Years

It always makes me chuckle in wrestling when a gimmick gets recycled constantly. We’re not talking about generic things like a cowboy or Indian, but a specific thing that when you see it you think “Hey, that’s a giant ripoff of that other guy!” To me, there is no other gimmick that has been overused as much as The Great Muta, technically itself a ripoff of another character named The Great Kabuki. Played by Keiji Mutoh, the gimmick became ridiculously popular, so Muta continued to use it throughout his international excursions and was sometimes billed as the son of Kabuki. This is by no means a definitive list or anything, but I find it interesting. The weird demonic presence, poison spit clouds, faceprint, zombie-like walk and much more have been appropriated by all these guys, usually as homages, and at other times in order to face Muta himself. Enjoy! If I missed any, please post them below!

The Great Kabuki (The original)

The Great Muta

Kiyoshi / Akira Raijin

Kai Katana





Great Nita


Yoshi Tatsu

The Great Ruta

The Great Sanada

Kishin Liger

And the rest…


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