The Monday Meme: Manly Test



Hey folks! Sorry for the lack of updates for the last two weeks, my wife and I moved Saturday and I haven’t been able to get internet hooked up at the new place yet. Here’s a Monday Meme post on Thursday! it’s crazy world here on American View! I’ll be back next week 😛


  1. When “Vincent and the Doctor” first aired, I think I was still too bummed out about Rory dying and Amy forgetting he ever existed in the previous week’s episode that I had some trouble really appreciating Richard Curtis’ script and Tony Curran’s performance as Van Gogh. Re-watching “Vincent the the Doctor” a couple of years later, though, I really enjoyed it. And when I got to the end, yep, I got pretty teary-eyed!


  2. LOL! I failed too…there is a theory that he was actually murdered but blamed himself to let the asshole get away…in the DW universe there’s the other possibility that he killed himself after the visions of the TARDIS exploding (thus killing his only friend, according to him)


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