Mark Gatiss Questions Moffat Gallifrey Return On Doctor Who | The Mary Sue



“Every time you go back to Gallifrey, it starts to make the Time Lords a bit too domesticated,” said Gatiss. “I know that’s why Russell T. Davies came up with the whole idea of the Doctor being the last one because eventually if you see them so often they become a bit like a bunch of MPs, whereas if you talk about them as this amazing, powerful force, they’re much more exciting.”

via Mark Gatiss Questions Moffat Gallifrey Return On Doctor Who | The Mary Sue.


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  1. Reblogged this on M.B. Scully and commented:
    Now this is interesting to hear…and I’d have to say, I agree with Gatiss. My thoughts on THROWING AWAY DECADES OF CANON aside, the Time Lords were made out (at least in New Who) to be a distant, slightly malevolent entity with a very large impact on the Doctor’s character. Bringing them back will…well, for fear of sounding a bit cliché, make them seem less mysterious and “god-like”.
    Of course, let’s not forget the fact that we’re ELIMINATING NINE’S ENTIRE CHARACTER ARC. IF YOU’RE GOING TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT YOU HAVE TO ADDRESS IT SOMEHOW, NOT JUST LEAVE IT AT “oh nine thinks he killed his entire race and it’s tearing him apart but he doesn’t remember actually saving them oh well let’s just let him SUFFER.”
    Sorry, hard not to avoid a rant when it comes to Moffat.


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