REVIEW: New Japan Pro Wrestling Strong – Nemesis Episode 4 (2022)

A Pay-Per-View Event by NJPW

This is the final episode of the Pay-Per-view series New Japan Pro Wrestling Strong – Nemesis, containing a hell of a match that I have been excited for ever sense I bought this – Jay White Vs. Christopher Daniels. Aside from that, this episode doesn’t really have the storyline building “oomph” from the previous episode, but that is easily replaced by match quality right off the bat. If you are interested, do yourself a favor and pick up the bundle on Fite.TV. Not only do you get a full length pay-per-view experience, it’s only something like $7.99. Also, don’t forget to take a look at my other wrestling reviews HERE, there might be some cool stuff you haven’t heard of, because I’ve been trying all sorts of new things this year!

For anyone wanting to watch this, I would recommend Fite.TV. you can get some FITE credits (10 dollars I believe) with the following code: “6m6lyyn”. I’m sure there are other ways to watch it, but FITE has a solid interface and has been worth it so far.

The Card:

  • 1 Alex Zayne defeated Ariya Daivari Singles match 10:07
  • 2 Alex Coughlin defeated JR Kratos Singles match 9:22
  • 3 Jay White defeated Christopher Daniels Singles match 19:07

My Thoughts:

As I’ve stated before, my methodology for this is to avoid giving arbitrary star ratings or anything resembling the typical ratings people give in wrestling reviews. I stopped awarding “grades” to things long ago, after my gig at a videogame site slid into them manipulating scores. I usually go through the show and pull a half-dozen or so things that I thought were significant or that I liked. You might think some of my choices are dumb and that’s okay – we all like different things!

Enjoying Daivari’s New Stuff

It’s been a minute since Ariya Daivari has been working for WWE, and while I loved his work on early episodes of 205 Live, it’s refreshing to see him here doing something different. The storyline here is that he’s trying not to do his normal insufferable heel antics, and actually wrestle in a clean way to gain some respect. This match was solid, and I will be watching to see where this goes. Will he gain some real legitimacy or snap right back into his old ways?

Alex Coughlin

After not winning his first Young Lion’s Cup, Alex Coughlin has been trying to prove that he has what it takes to “graduate” into being a seasoned wrestler, no longer seen as a rookie. Coughlin entered himself into a grueling series of tough matches in order to show he has earned a new place in life. Coughlin has lost almost all of his ten matches until now, defeating the imposing JR Kratos in this final episode of Nemesis.

A Young Lion No More

Coughlin announced that he felt like he graduated, with Kratos asking for a future rematch between them.

Daniels Never Ages

This match between Christopher Daniels and Jay White was awesome, and the best match of all four of these specials. Daniels is like 51 years old right now, and you honestly could not tell. If you told me he was 41, I’d believe you 100%. I’m still hoping they figure something out for him to do on AEW pretty soon, as he still has a few years in him. If the ten years older Sting proves anything, I’ll be an old man before he eventually retires! After the match, Jay White cut a promo talking about AEW, which recently came to fruition. What a crazy time to be a wrestling fan!


Overall, solid episode and a hell of a main event for this tour. I liked the storyline with Alex Coughlin coming to fruition quite a bit, and am excited to see what he can do moving forward. He has all of the hallmarks of a future star, and is one of the more impressive wrestlers out of all of the featured “Young Lions” on here since I started watching these. Jay White and Christopher Daniels really delivered, and I came out of this with a lot of appreciation for the current Bullet Club leader. I truthfully haven’t seen too many White matches, seeing that I have only recently started watching this for the most part, and I’m impressed. Stay tuned for reviews of the next tour coming ASAP. I’m behind and will start them as soon as I can!

If there’s a wrestling show you all think I should watch, toss it into the comments, I’d be happy to oblige!


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