REVIEW: Lockdown Zone Level X – Chapter 9 (2020)

A manga by Oishi Romy and Meshe

As the old story goes, Hansel and Gretel were born to a poor family, not able to take care of the, their parents (usually the evil stepmother) abandoned them in the woods. They marked their path with small stones and wandered for days looking for a way out. At some point they discovered a wondrous house made of candy and began eating it. An old lady lived in the house, and offers to give them somewhere to stay, however the old lady was actually an evil witch that planned to eat the children. They managed to fight back and push the witch into an oven ending their ordeal. Was that last bit the secret to beating this version of “X”.

“With a wicked and possibly blind witch on their tails, Ryoka and Shuhei plan to save Hansel and Gretel, and themselves! But will they be able to get out of their house of terror or will things reset again?”

If you haven’t been following along, feel free to read my previous review, as it sums everything up a bit. We see the crew manage to all survive this time, including two small children that appear to be part of this challenge – Hansel and Gretel. When everything looks to be lost, Shuhei remembers the ancient story and decides to fight back with the very thing that should be able to take out a gigantic blind witch-monster. He turns himself into a human torch to fight back and manages to seemingly kill the witch, only to have another one show up! what’s going on here?

The dead giveaway that something is up is that Ryoka discovers an app called “X” on her phone and gets a message saying something like “You are in %$#% Danger!” (the translation is weird). I can only assume that the children may not be what they seem, but I suppose we shall see in the next chapter. Who is this other person, is it the same one that wrote a notebook that Ryoka found on the roof detailing different “X” variants?

This manga can be purchased by chapter on Amazon in a release format that seems somewhat irregular. It is a very enjoyable horror manga, and it keeps me guessing each time I think I have the story pegged down. This chapter created more questions than answers, thus proving my assumption about how the next few chapters would go is entirely wrong. Keep checking back as I plan to possibly get “caught up” on this in the next few days.

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