REVIEW: Tales from the Road – Taya Valkyrie (2020)

A comic by Taya Valkyrie and Michael Kingston

Continuing through my stack of comics obtained through my numerous Pro Wrestling Crates, I am going to review yet another mini-comic from the guys at Headlocked Comics, this time written (in part) by Taya Valkyrie! These are usually stories written by wrestlers that range from being biographical to completely fantastical and crazy. If you saw my last review, which as a Christmas special of all things, you will kind of know what to expect. This volume, a short spy thriller, pays homage to plenty of 1960s spy movies like James Bond. She goes head to head with the worst foes of all trolls!

“”Agent Loca versus Subterranean Cave Trolls” co-written by Taya Valkyrie! Join Agent Loca on her mission to stop the evil Dr. Trollinger from transforming a group of wrestling fans into hideous monsters! Art by JGonzo!”

The story here hinges on the reveal that the villains, which are literal green trolls, are also basically the sort of horrible internet trolls, I’m sure Taya has to deal with all the time. These gross monstrosities comment o her appearance, her outfits being unflattering, suggest her sexual orientation is in question upon rejection, and other stupid stuff you see constantly online. I was almost laughing out loud the moment this joke started up, and it really made the book for me. This also comments a bit on the mental health of wrestlers that have to deal with this day in and day out. Considering this has caused wrestlers to commit suicide in the past, this issue is really no laughing matter, despite the silly storyline here.

This was a fan comic, and I continue to enjoy these little mini-comics. Who would have thought I would have amassed such a big collection of wrestling comics through these boxes, but I have numerous ones like Rey Misterio, The Lucha Brothers, Konnan, and others. I still need to be better about reviewing this stuff as I get it, so stay tuned for more. I actually need to get an actual issue of Headlocked (which these are like side-stories of), considering they are always at Planet Comicon means there is really no excuse not to have one. Maybe this year if I feel up to going.


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