Slighttly Off Topic: Paul Dini: Cartoon Execs Don’t Want Female Audiences

My Buddy Byron posted this today and I knew I had to post it on here. Granted, it’s not exactly pertaining to the topic of this blog, but it has larger ramifications for “nerd culture” as a whole. A few fellow bloggers and I have been concerned with the elitest “boys club” misogyny that most nerds seem to possess, but it seems it goes deeper than that… 

Paul Dini: Superhero cartoon execs don’t want largely female audiences.


Speaking of Tardises in DC Comics Cartoons…

…or is that Tardii? I’m not sure what the plural is 😛

Yesterday, I posted about the cameo of a red Tardis-like police box in an episode of New Teen Titans, but it doesn’t end there. Someone pointed out that the Justice League uses a blue police box to gain access to their secret hideout in Young Justice as well! It seems that somebody at Cartoon Network must be a fan!

Check out this Vague Doctor Who Reference in New Teen Titans

Cartoon Network has recently started a “DC Nation” block  on Saturday mornings consisting of Young Justice and a Green Lantern Animated Series cartoon. Between the shows, they usually show a handful of “shorts” including a new series based on the Teen Titans show of nearly ten years ago. Earlier today, Doctor Who fans were treated to this short featuring a villain called Mad Mod using something we might recognize:


Note: That isn’t the whole short sadly.


Update: DC likes Police Boxes!