Digital Manga Bargain Bin Dive

One thing that I always enjoy is a good sale – and when it comes to manga you really can’t beat books for around 2-3 bucks a pop. I’ve obtained great reads from a company called Digital Manga Publishing over the past few years – usually Vampire Hunter D or Osamu Tezuka books that they seem to be the chief publisher of. A while back I grabbed a few books on the cheap that didn’t really warrant a full-sized review, so figured I’d do the same thing I did with my bargain Heavy metal haul from last year.

Check em out right here if you’re interested!!

IWGP vols 1-4 (2001-4)

I already did a full review of IWGP Vol 1 a while back, here’s a recap:

The story follows a guy named Makoto that seems to have all sorts of connections to street gangs and other illicit activities despite seemingly not being a part of said activity. He runs a shop with his mother and has some sort of oddly close Batman/Commisioner Gordon relationship with the local police that has yet to be fully explained. He and a few friends meet a couple of girls at a New Year’s Eve party (the over-hyped 1999-2000 millennium celebration in particular) and hits it off with a girl named Rika. Ikebukuro is plagued with reports of a serial “strangler” that seems to be attacking girls that go on dates with older guys for money, and this has everyone scared. Some bad stuff happens and it’s all up to Makoto to stop it (to not go into spoiler-land too much).


Knights Vol 1 (2008)

This is a 2.5 story with a very interesting protagonist, so I rated it a bit higher. Based loosely on the European witch hunting craze in the 13th century, it seems that all clergymen have become insane zealots that practice witch persecution this side of the Malleus Maleficarum. The only people standing up to a genocide of falsely accused witches are a squire named Mist commonly referred to as “The Black Knight” and his assistant, some sort of real witch that is naked about 99% of the book. I thought Mist was interesting because he is dark-skinned in a world where nobody seems to have seen either a Moor or African person (it’s a fantasy world I suppose) and thinks that they are demons. So basically this is a literal black knight fighting racist clergymen…weird…

Worst vol 1 (2002)

Worst vol 1 is a promising beginning to a comic in a genre I have never really delved much into. Of course I’ve seen parody stuff like Cromartie High Schoool and read things like GTO, but that’s not really the same. This is the typical “youth delinquent” genre story where rival high school gangs are vying for turf and duking it out, but instead of a tough-as-nails protagonist, Hana is a fun loving guy with a big heart that can also kick pretty much anyone’s ass when it comes to fighting. Can’t wait to read more…


Columbia House: An Easy Way to amass a Large Doctor Who DVD Collection

I’ve had friends ask me how I was able to afford all of the Doctor Who DVDs that I own, which to be honest isn’t a ton, but to them it is impressive. My secret is that I’ve signed up for Columbia House on two occasions to take advantage of their introductory package. The last time I did it, I had to pay for one DVD and got four or so for just shipping. My total bill was in the neighborhood of around $40 USD, which is a LOT better than the $150 or so that it would have been if I simply paid out of pocket. There is one major drawback, in that one has to fulfill an agreement and buy more DVDs at club prices to “make good”, but it usually only ends up being 2-3 DVDs which is still a good deal. Right now they have a deal where you get 3 DVDs for a buck each, then have to buy 5 more in five years. This isn’t as good as my introductory offer, but check back often as they change these up a lot.

They do hound you with their director’s selections that one has to reply to, or you get some utter crap in the mail, but if one stays vigilant you can really save some money. Here is a list of the currently available serials for 9/16/2011:

Delta and the Bannermen
Four to Doomsday
Brain of Morbius
TV Movie
Pyramids of Mars
War Machines
Terror of the Autons
Masque of Mandragora
Snake dance
Curse of Peladon
Attack of the Cybermen
Three Doctors
Time Meddler

There are also a handful available for club members only, mostly collections and boxed sets.