PREVIEW: Trailblazer Championship Wrestling – Tornado Alley – May 13th 2023

An Upcoming Wrestling show by Trailblazer Championship Wrestling

NOTE: If anything changes on the line-up I will try to update this.

May of 2023 is shaping up into a spectacular month for professional wrestling in the general Kansas City area (I count a 100 mile radius or so). Not only will there be a Tri States Wrestling show on Saturday, May 6th, but the following Saturday has not one, but TWO shows including a Central States Wrestling show, and today’s subject, the highly anticipated Trailblazer Championship Wrestling: Tornado Alley event. Just like their previous show, Trailblazer Championship Wrestling: Bunkhouse Brawl, this event will take place at the Ottawa National Guard Armory in Ottawa, Kansas. Let me tell you, these guys know how to put on a solid, family-friendly show at an affordable price. In an age where finding inexpensive, family-friendly entertainment options is becoming increasingly rare, wrestling shows truly deliver the most “bang for your buck.” The thrill, the energy, and the larger-than-life characters create an experience like no other. Sure, you may end up spending some extra cash on autographed 8x10s and trading cards, but that’s all part of the excitement and one of the best aspects of attending these shows. It’s an opportunity to connect with your favorite wrestlers, collect memorabilia, and create lasting memories.

In addition to attending this wrestling show, I plan to explore some museums in the Ottawa, Kansas area (more history articles incoming!), assuming they are open. A lot of people don’t realize it, but It’s important to support smaller towns like Ottawa, as events like this provide a significant boost to the local economy. Even simply patronizing local restaurants or visiting other attractions before the show can make a difference. I encourage everyone to show support for the sponsors of their favorite wrestling shows and contribute to the success of these events. Even posting about how much fun you had on their social media pages could draw some attention, I’m sure every bit helps!

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As with any of these “Preview” blog posts that I have been doing lately, I plan to take a look at every announced match on the card and talk about the ins-and-outs of ongoing feuds and explain why you should be just as hyped as I am. As with literally every wrestling show, “The card is subject to change”, so this may not end up being what goes down at all, but that’s why you should check back about a week after the show to see my review! There are some definite surprises for me on this card, and all-in-all it’s truly shaping up to be something special. Bear in mind that I am not super familiar with everyone on the roster as of yet, but I feel like I have seen enough of the performers on here that I can go into details pretty well.

As we approach the upcoming show, Trailblazer Championship Wrestling: Tornado Alley, we find ourselves in the aftermath of the electrifying Bunkhouse Brawl match. Bobby Joe Black stood tall as the victor, but his newfound success also paints a target on his back. While TCW may not currently possess a championship belt, the bragging rights and potential financial gain from his victory could lead to backstage envy and resentment. Shooter Shylynn, on the other hand, must recover from her unfortunate loss to Aminah Belmont in the previous show. This defeat could either serve as a catalyst for her to refocus and elevate her game or push her into a downward spiral. Both Mike Sydal and Curt Gannon are making impressive comebacks from their respective injuries, proving their resilience and unyielding dedication to the world of wrestling. Their return to the ring have been met with excitement and anticipation. If any of these storylines pique your interest, prepare yourself for a night of surprises, debuts, and much more.

For More about Trailblazer Championship Wrestling, check out their Facebook Page HERE, their Twitter page HERE, or YouTube HERE. I was also able to recently get them added to Cagematch, HERE. If you are a fan, make sure to drop likes, and reviews, or join their social media pages!

The Card:

WARHORSE VS. “Corn Boi” Kevin Gutierrez

Oh man, this one will be tough to call, as both of these guys are awesome! Get ready for an unforgettable clash that will leave the TCW audience in awe! In one corner, we have a man fueled by plump whole kernels of crisp sweetcorn, while in the other, a force powered entirely by the lean, meaty goodness of Slim Jim beef jerky snacks. It’s a showdown that nobody saw coming, and the excitement is palpable! All kidding aside, let’s get serious for a moment. For a while now, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the chance to see the incredible WARHORSE at an indy show. Unfortunately, plans always seemed to fall through whenever he made appearances on the other side of the state (he hails from St. Louis, Missouri). Although I’ve caught glimpses of him at AEW shows in Independence, MO, where he unfortunately fell short in a dark match, it just wasn’t the same. That’s why I couldn’t be more thrilled about his inclusion in the Tornado Alley card. It’s one of the main reasons I chose to see this show on a very crowded weekend for wrestling.

Now, let’s talk about “Corn Boi” Kevin Gutierrez, a fresh face I was introduced to at the previous TCW event. Believe me when I say he made a lasting impression. His entertaining alliance with Jared Thumb and the whole presentation revolving around corn-themed food, music from the iconic 90’s nu-metal band Korn, and more was both hilariously unique and memorable. This match between WARHORSE and Gutierrez is bound to be an absolute banger, possibly stealing the entire show. Brace yourselves, folks, because Tornado Alley is about to unleash a showdown that will leave us all on the edge of our seats. Get ready for a hell of a match—I know I can’t wait!

“The Whole Thang” Rahim De La Suede VS “Yogamonster” Mike Sydal

I used to go to World League Wrestling shows before I moved to the western side of Missouri, and a highlight at just about any show was seeing Rahim De La Suede or Mike Sydal perform. Since Rahim De La Suede has been mainly teaming up with Moses the Deliverer in recent times, witnessing him in a singles match at Tornado Alley is a rare treat, especially for someone who may not have the luxury of catching every local show anymore. If you’re familiar with Central States Wrestling, you might have also seen Rahim in action there. And let me tell you, when De La Suede goes by the moniker “The Whole Thang,” you can expect nothing less than pure spectacle, which is always a sight to behold. Let’s not forget about the incredible return of Mike Sydal, who made his triumphant comeback at the previous TCW show. Despite battling through a challenging injury, he displayed no signs of “ring rust” as he delivered an outstanding match against Tobias Storm, igniting the crowd with his extraordinary skills and physical feats. Will Rahim De La Suede’s unique charisma prevail, or will Mike Sydal continue his remarkable comeback journey? Prepare for an exhilarating clash between two seasoned performers as they bring their A-game to Tornado Alley.

Madman Max Sterling VS Moses The Deliverer

Prepare for an intense clash between two contrasting forces as Madman Max Sterling and Moses the Deliverer collide at Tornado Alley! After witnessing Madman Max Sterling’s unpredictable antics in action back in March, I can’t help but hope that Moses can emerge from this showdown relatively unscathed. Sterling, with his disturbingly unhinged persona, seems better suited for a padded cell rather than the wrestling ring. His blatant disregard for the well-being of his opponents is evident – just ask Austin Mulitalo! Sterling’s arsenal knows no bounds, whether it be a menacing chain, a formidable kettlebell, or even the introduction of a wicked protégé (or maybe all three!). With this guy, you can never anticipate his next move, nor can you assume he’ll play by any rules or show even an ounce of sportsmanship. He thrives on chaos and poses a significant threat to anyone who crosses his path. But fear not, for Moses the Deliverer is no stranger to adversity. He has achieved championship glory in multiple promotions and has encountered his fair share of formidable opponents, much like Madman Max Sterling. With his experience and resilience, Moses is more than ready to take on this daunting task. Let’s hope he can tap into some divine intervention, harnessing his inner strength to secure a well-deserved victory.

Shooter Shylynn VS “The Little Blue Dragon” Tootie Lynn

As I mentioned before, Shooter Shylynn faced insurmountable odds at Bunkhouse Brawl, ultimately falling victim to the cunning manipulation of SBC, whose dubious management tactics guided his client, Aminah Belmont, to victory at Shylynn’s expense. While Belmont possesses undeniable wrestling skills, SBC was undoubtedly her secret weapon. It appears that Shylynn may have underestimated SBC’s “talents” when preparing for the match, and it cost her dearly. At Tornado Alley, Shylynn has an opportunity to regroup and showcase why she reigns supreme in Missouri women’s wrestling. However, her opponent is no walk in the park. I have personally witnessed the awe-inspiring presence of Tootie Lynn at CSW, KCXW, and New Breed Wrestling events, and let me tell you, she steals the show every time. Lynn’s hybrid style, infused with powerful strikes from her martial arts background, makes her a formidable adversary that most would hesitate to face. Can Shylynn reclaim her position of glory? The countdown is on, my friends, as we await the thrilling showdown in just a few short weeks!

Rocco The Barbarian (w/ Dekin Cane) VS “The Suplex Cyclone” Curt Gannon

Tornado Alley is quite the fitting name for an event showcasing the awe-inspiring force of nature known as “The Suplex Cyclone” Curt Gannon! Gannon, an eternal crowd pleaser, craves the exhilarating rush that follows each bone-rattling suplex he delivers to his adversaries. His dominance was on full display when he decimated “Sweet Justice” Juno Granger in March. However, the upcoming Tornado Alley event presents an additional challenge in the form of Dekin Cane. Fans will need to prepare for the entrance of Rocco The Barbarian, a towering figure straight out of a magnificent Boris Vallejo painting. With his sheer power alone, Rocco possesses everything necessary to claim victory against pretty much anyone, but he further solidifies his triumphs with the cunning interference of his manager, Dekin Cane. Picture Cane wielding a massive wrench, an imposing sight witnessed by fans who have observed his many wicked deeds. Gannon better equip himself for this encounter, or risk facing a merciless banishment from the ring. Brace yourselves for a showdown like no other!

Bobby Joe Black VS Salum Gust

Salum Gust burst onto the TCW scene with an awe-inspiring debut at Bunkhouse Brawl, leaving fans in terrified of his immense talent and imposing presence. The Bunkhouse Brawl match, a thrilling battle royale, showcased Gust’s dominance as he effortlessly eliminated a significant portion of his opponents. His sheer size and strength allowed him to hurl adversaries out of the ring with ease. However, despite Gust’s remarkable performance, it was the combined efforts of Bobby Joe Black and his brother Johnnie Joe Black that ultimately prevailed, working together to weaken Gust and secure Bobby’s victory. This outcome surely left Gust seething with fury, harboring a burning desire for revenge. Bobby Joe Black must tread carefully, as he risks becoming nothing more than a trophy on Gust’s wall. The stage is set for an intense clash between these two forces. Gust, fueled by his resentment and determination, will stop at nothing to avenge his loss and prove his dominance. Bobby Joe Black must brace himself for an onslaught from this enraged competitor.

Jared Thumb and Bert Candy VS Tobias Storm and Van “Bam” Winkle

For fans of tag team wrestling, it looks like everyone is in for a real treat. In one corner, we have the formidable duo of Jared Thumb and Bert Candy, two guys that seem like polar opposites in many ways, but in wrestling that sort of dynamic usually works exceptionally well. Jared Thumb displayed his skills in both the tag team match alongside “Corn Boi” Kevin Gutierrez and the Bunkhouse Brawl, impressed the audience with his proficiency in executing his signature “stunner”. His opponents, Tobias Storm and Van “Bam” Winkle, have had firsthand experience with Thumb’s devastating maneuver and know its impact all too well. While I will be seeing Bert Candy live for the first time, his entertaining presence on New Breed Wrestling’s YouTube show is always very fun. Having missed out on the Bunkhouse Brawl, Candy’s appearance at this show is something to look forward to. On the other side of the ring, we have the cocky duo of Tobias Storm and Van “Bam” Winkle, who embody an air of arrogance. The question remains whether they can effectively channel their confidence into securing an easy victory or if their hubris will once again blind them to the true challenge that awaits them.

Let me introduce you to SBC – a mastermind trained by the legendary Lance Storm in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. SBC carries that legacy into the wrestling ring, utilizing every trick in the book to ensure Aminah Belmont’s domination in the women’s division. What could these two possibly be up to at this show? Are they going to rub salt into Shylynn’s wounds, or do they have a new target to go after?

In Closing:

So mark your calendars and get ready for what is looking like an amazing show! Trailblazer Championship Wrestling: Tornado Alley promises to deliver top-notch entertainment for fans of all ages. Prepare to laugh, be thrilled, and get caught up in the electric atmosphere as these talented athletes give their all in the ring. Everyone has a blast at these shows, and kids absolutely go wild. Tickets are $15.00 for adults, and just $10.00 for kids with priority seating on a first come first served basis.


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