REVIEW: Pro Wrestling Crate January 2023 Spoilers

A monthly subscription crate from Pro Wrestling Crate

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It’s a new year, and a great time to still be getting a random box of wrestling goodies every month! 2023 will be seeing that very premise change at some point, as an E-mail from Pro Wrestling Tees went out informing everyone of structural changes and an alteration to the release schedule. Pretty soon, nobody will be able to do a discounted rate anymore, and the crates will get billed as they go out. They will also be changing to a bi-monthly release schedule in the future. I hope this doesn’t mean anything bad is going on behind the scenes, because I love this crate. However, having the same sort of quality from the AEW crate would be amazing. I will keep anyone posted as they send more updates.

As with all of these, a part of the proceeds are donated to charity. These are usually wrestling-related charities, and this one was the “Creeks Baseball Club, Dreams Run“, to which they were a sponsor:

“Proceeds will benefit several parties that help fulfill the dreams of areas kids and their ability to play one of the greatest games of our national pastime. Your sponsorship will help cover the CBC Glenn 12u participation costs at Cooperstown Dreams Park. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Creeks Athletic Association Field of Dreams project. Field of Dreams is a specially designed baseball field that will allow children with intellectual or physical disabilities to play baseball, wear a uniform, and play as team members. Finally, this event will conduct a baseball equipment drive for Walk off Charities. Walk Off Charities believes that every child deserves the chance to play baseball. Outside of the physical aspect of the sport, baseball provides a great platform to help children develop mentally, socially, and emotionally.”

For those new to these subscription crates, Pro Wrestling Crate usually packs in anywhere from 7 to 10 items every month – these include a guarantee of a Micro Brawler Figurine, two T-shirts, a lapel pin, and an autographed 8 by 10 photo. Usually there’s a couple of small additional items in every box making this well worth the money spent. If you can still do it, I would recommend purchasing a six month or yearly subscription as you get a pretty hefty discount doing so. In the past, I have subscribed to a number of different boxes, generally not liking most of them to be honest, but the guys over at Pro Wrestling Tees always do a fine job of picking great items making this my favorite subscription box of them all. You can also get a double dose of crate action with AEW’s All Elite Crate as well.

This was the announced contents of today’s crate:

Spoiler Card:


While the design isn’t spectacular, I am all for a new Danhausen shirt, which I am currently wearing as we speak. This is also a great Bruiser Brody shirt, one that really shows the immense force of brutality he brought to Japan “back in the day”. The shirts have been somewhat mediocre since the amazing Sting/Robocop shirt I got in the summer, but these make up for it a bit!


I’ve always liked Chris Hero and thought he got a raw deal in WWE as Kassius Ohno. I’m still holding out hope that he will come in to tag with Claudio in AEW at some point, but there’s no firm indication that he’s about to make a comeback as of late. Perhaps with Ring of Honor returning to streaming, I might just get my wish. I will point out that the quality of this 8×10 is far better than any that have been made previously. It’s on some super heavy card stock that they’ve never used before to my knowledge.

Micro Brawler:

AWWWWWW YEAHHHHHHHH – chase figure number 3!! You can see on the back of the package as to what the difference between the two figures is, and as usual it’s just a reversal of the paint scheme on his pants, but it’s still cool to get one of these.


I have enough of these laying around to keep an entire 12 pack cold, but you never know when you’ll need one, so I ain’t mad.


These are always fun, and Braun Strowman is always pretty cool as long as you ignore his Twitter feed.

Comic Book:

It’s another Tales from the Road comic written by Mike Kingston and Jay White this time around. I always like these and REALLY need to make an effort to blog about a bunch of these pretty soon. I have kind of let them pile up on me.


While there were only seven items this time around, I feel that they were pretty good, and things I will actually use this time around. As usual, the shirts and the autograph are almost always my favorite items, but there was not really a let-down anywhere. The quality going up on the autograph was cool, and I was happy to get another chase figure variant. Overall, this was great box!

If you would like information on signing up for this service, please click HERE

This is what is in store for next month:


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