REVIEW: Blackrabbit – Issue 1 (2022)

A Comic by CB Zane

Sometimes I randomly pick up comics through Kickstarter based on recommendation, and it’s hit or miss, but generally pretty good. Blackrabbit Issue one was entirely based on one of these impulse purchases, and I mostly bought it because it was touted as being an interesting alternate take on comic books. Truthfully, I’m not 100% sure it lives up to that sort of hype, as I have seen comics in a similar format before, but the creative team had an idea and I won’t fault them for it. Ultimately, Blackrabbit has the shell of a pretty interesting story – a young girl that formerly worked as a professional magicians assistant uses proprietary magical devices to work as a high-grade cat-burglar. The catch is that said girl is also a victim of some sort of mental illness that weighs her down with multiple personalities.

“Blackrabbit is an original take on the comic book genre… formatted in a new way… it is a gorgeous, erotic tale both visually and in prose.  It is engaging and titillating.”

As you can tell by the image, this is not a book for kids, nor will most people looking for something other than an erotic comic be thrilled with this. That’s because, this is basically a smut book for better or worse. The formatting involves large detailed pictures with text overlaying the images much like an illustrated romance novel. In fact, I feel like that would be the best way to describe this to a degree. I was kind of hoping this would be more like something such as Lady Death or Niyobi, because if I’m reading what ostensibly amounts to a “cheesecake book”, I’d like for it to have a solid story. Here, we see the glimpse of a story – little hints that don’t get fully realized and exist in the background of what is mostly a book for pure titillation. If you are prepared for that, the book does have good art and promises to be interesting as the story continues if there is more of this.


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