REVIEW: Island Adventures 1 – The Sand Games (2022)

A Graphic Novel by Meliss

In the past, comic books were seen as exclusively a children’s medium to such a degree that moral outrages of the Cold War era generally involved them. Parents and other fun-hating people spent decades attributing comics to the cause of every ill of society at large. Nowadays, I can’t imagine too many kids even know who most comic characters are save for ones featured in big budget comic films. The market has shifted to the same spot it was in during the 90’s slump wherein money was only being made in the proliferation of rare collectible variant covers and other gimmicks like holofoil and the like. I couldn’t even tell you if most companies are still making comics for kids, which makes today’s topic at hand somewhat special. Europe Comics has brought the series Island Adventures by Meliss into the English speaking market potentially entering a neglected market. This isn’t the first time they have released comics for younger readers, which is pretty cool.

“Many different beings live on the tiny but magical Island of the Sun, unknown to humans. Some were created at sea and others on land. Owley, the wise owl of the island, built a holiday resort so all of them can live together in harmony, while having fun on the same beach. But Starfizz, a human-like starfish who is full of ideas and loves building things, unwittingly drags sweet Shelly and tiny Magna Alga into a wild adventure across the sea on Shell Island, where the legendary Sand Games are being held… Will our friends emerge victorious and find a way back home?”

I’m definitely not the target audience for this book, but can see why kids would enjoy it. It features colorful anthropomorphized animal characters getting into zany situations and telling jokes whenever possible. The book also teaches things like water safety, boat safety, and beach going tips that might help a kid take precautions when getting into similar situations. It’s light-hearted and pretty short ensuring that those with shorter attention spans won’t get too bored when reading. While not an instant classic by any means, it’s a competent book and a great idea for the little ones. When I get time, I would like to read this to my son sometime to see what he thinks. Overall, I’m glad to see Europe Comics tapping into the kid’s comic market, and can’t wait to see what comes next.

NOTE: I received a free preliminary, and likely unedited copy of this book from Netgalley for the purposes of providing an honest, unbiased review of the material. Thank you to all involved.

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