REVIEW: National WWI Museum & Memorial Souvenir Book (2009)

A book Created for the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, MO

Whenever I go to a museum, I have adopted the practices of taking a bunch of pictures, just in case it closes shop or dramatically changes, and buying some sort of book that pertains to the theme of the topic at hand. I especially like when museums and historic sites have books, like this souvenir booklet, that give a general overview of whatever museum you are at and share some of the best parts of various exhibits. Sometimes museum giftshops are criminally sparse, having basically nothing on hand that even talks about the topic. Thankfully that is not the case with the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, MO, as they are VERY well stocked.

“This souvenir book gives a full overview of the National World War I Museum and Memorial’s creation, design, and history. The book features the history of the museum and showcasing many images from the museum’s galleries.”

This is by no means a great book or anything, but as a way to get a handful of photographs and some general information on the museum and its topics, themes, and artifacts, it’s a great purchase. It’s pretty short and is mostly pictures which makes it almost more of a large pamphlet in many ways. It’s hard for me to recommend this as something anyone that has not visited this site to purchase, but as a frequent patron, it’s great for me!

This book can be purchased at the museum itself, or in their ONLINE STORE


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