REVIEW: Nyobi #2 (2016)

A Comic By Larry Patrick Higgins

At the end of Nyobi #1 by Larry Patrick Higgins, Nyobi Lee saved the day by making sure her biggest fan didn’t succumb to his own dark thoughts. Sadly, in return, she ended up pretty beat up in the process. With blood gushing from her nose, she knew something was wrong, and needed help herself. Some indeterminate time later, she is in some sort of hospital for other people like her. We find out that the medical staff at this hospital refer to her as a “G-Nom” which is this universe’s equivalent to something like a demi-human (DC) or Mutant (Marvel). As I predicted there are more people like her out there, and it seems some are not up to too much good.

“Nyobi returns with the 2nd issue to the already successful independent series. We follow Nyobi straight from the events that ended issue #1. We answer the questions you all have regarding the cliff hanger ending. We will provide more compelling story to sink those hooks in deeper! There will be action and more action as we introduce a new villain to the Nyobi universe!”

We are introduced to a new character named Avani pretty quickly, she is restrained and in a medical coma not too far from where Nyobi is recuperating. Of course, she escapes and wreaks havoc on the hospital. You might be saying, that’ll be easy! Nyobi can fight her!! Here’s the next problem – we find out that Nyobi will likely die if she keeps using her powers. It seems that something happens with her DNA every time she teleports and is basically told to never do it again. Avani can control water, shoot poison, and has claws that can rip dudes in half. As you can imagine, her not using powers doesn’t last long.

Overall, this was a good book, although I liked the artwork in volume one more. That isn’t to say this one is bad or anything, it’s just not as sharp to me. The art design reminds me a lot of books from Brian Pullido, books like Lady Death, Hellwitch etc. It will be interesting to see where the storyline goes from here, since the plot seems to have shifted a bit to some kind of government controlling superheroes story, not unlike something like Harbinger from Valiant Comics. I wonder if we’ll get a continuation of the story of the boy from volume one, or the creepy demon that was eating bad feelings – it seems like both of these were dropped entirely unless I missed a comic somewhere and don’t realize it. Overall good book, I will be interested to see where it goes from here.

If you are interested in this comic, it can be found on Drive Thru Comics.


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