REVIEW: Pro Wrestling Crate December 2021

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I was actually pretty surprised to see the December Pro Wrestling Crate sitting in my mailbox way at the beginning of last week. I guess they were trying to ensure these arrived in time for Christmas, and boy did it! The theme this month was “staff favorites”, meaning we are getting items from wrestlers and wrestling personalities that the staff over at Pro Wrestling Tees are huge fans of.

Here’s a look at what we were expecting in this crate:

As with every one of these boxes, a portion of the proceeds went to a wrestling-related charity, this time it was a Go Fund Me for Mary-Kate Anthony, who is a wrestling photographer that has fallen in some hard times related to an illness. The campaign is no longer up, so I am not certain what it entailed, but it appears she found the help she needed.

Spoiler Card:


I’m usually not a fan of these movie parody shirts they sometimes have, but it’s cool to get a Kevin Owens/Kevin Steen shirt. The Mick Foley shirt is awesome, and was prominently worn at work the following day which secured a couple of thumbs up from secret wrestling fans I was unaware of!


Rather than having an extra small item, we got TWO autographs this month. I’m a big EC3 fan and am really liking Pillman Jr. so far. I’m always a big fan of collecting autographs, so this made me quite happy.

Micro Brawler:

I know it’s not cool to like Glacier, but I actually always enjoyed the guy back in WCW. I’m a big sucker for a cool entrance, and I think we can agree his was pretty awesome. great addition to my collection.


Hoo Boy, I can only imagine what a Christmas story as written by GCW’s Nick Gage will be like. I will have to review this for the blog sometime this week LOL.

Brawler Ballz:

I like the idea of these, but I was never really a fan of Mad Balls when I was a kid, so these largely don’t do much for me. My son, however, seems to think they are cool so I am glad I had something to toss his way.


The legend herself! Big fan of Awesome Kong, so I was happy to see this!!


For better or worse, this crate went out early, and kind of felt like it. I enjoyed the extra autograph, and the Glacier figure, as well as the Foley shirt the best. I’m always lukewarm of Brawler Ballz, but I see why folks might enjoy them. Overall, not the best box, but it wasn’t bad. Let’s see what happens next month!

This is the preview for the first crate of 2022!

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