REVIEW: Pro Wrestling Crate September 2021

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Here we are again. It’s around the 22nd of the month, so you know what that means – time for some Pro Wrestling Crate action! I’m glad everyone enjoyed me dipping back into the habit of doing these each month, I know in the past folks have enjoyed them, so I want to try my best to keep it up. September has been an amazing month for pro wrestling fans, almost every TV company is firing on all cylinders, and hype is definitely building for the “sport” in general. I’ve had longtime acquaintances start getting into it recently, and it’s folks that I know for a fact haven’t been into wrestling for years. What a perfect way to cap the month of, than to take a look at yet another curated box of goodies from Pro Wrestling Tees. As I’ve stated before – I mostly collect wrestling T-shirts and autographs, and get way more than that in value with each crate – that’s the main reason I’ve had this for upwards or 3-4 years now.

This month didn’t really have much of a theme per se, but I knew the crate would involve items from the following wrestlers:

A few people have been used quite a bit in past crates, but it was cool to see Adam Bomb and Kerry Von Erich join the fray – I don’t think either have had an item since I’ve been getting these.

Spoiler Card

Like always, a portion of this month’s proceeds go directly to a charity, and this month the chosen one was the Farewell Mr. Wonderful Gofundme campaign. Former WWE legend Paul Orndorff passed away recently due to complications from severe dementia, and some of his kids put together a campaign to pay for his final expenses. As of this posting, it looks like the campaign met its goal, and has mostly been archived.

I always wondered why he somewhat stopped showing up to various “Legends Night” sort of events, and its sad to hear that he passed in that manner. Here’s hoping his family can take the money and make good use of it.


As with any of these crates, there are two shirts included in this month’s box. The first being a “Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich shirt, and the other a Major Wrestling Figure Podcast one based on the DVD cover for the film Adventures in Babysitting. I definitely prefer the Kerry Von Erich one, but both are solid shirts.


This month the autographed 8 by 10 is one of AEW’s “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela. I’m glad Mr. Janela took a break from visiting all those strip clubs with Alex Marvez to sign these, as AEW autographs are always welcome. Well…. honestly, just about any autograph is welcome lol.

Micro Brawler Figure

Sadly, unlike last Month I did not get a “chase” figure, but Adam Bomb was a nice surprise. I loved Bryan Clark when he wrestled as “Wrath” in WCW, and am glad he’s getting more and more into putting himself out there for the fans. He was always an underrated “big guy” that should have been given more recognition that what he had.


The enamel pins this month is of the Homicidal, Suicidal, and Genocidal ECW Legend – Sabu! Being a big classic ECW fan, this is a great addition to my ever-growing pin collection, and will look great next to my RVD pin from a few months ago!


I am always bad about watching these DVDs in a timely manner, but this one actually looks pretty awesome! Having a Road warriors vs Terry and Dory Funk match in there is especially piquing my interest.


PWT did a take off of the classic WCW PPV logo for Bash at the Beach – very cool. Not much else to say about a sticker, but it’s a fun item.

Colt Cabana Pencil Topper

First we had Micro Brawlers, now we have Micro Brawler pencil toppers! fun little bonus item, and I always love me some Colt Cabana. I’m not sure I want a ton of these or anything, but as an occasional throw-in – I dig it.

The Verdict

This was a decent crate, but not as good as the past few months. This is one of those placeholder crates that usually comes before a real big one, so fingers crossed! Item of the month is probably going to be either the Kerry Von Erich shirt or the DVD, but not really a bad item at all. October is a themed month, and it’s one of the ones I like the most, so I’m really excited to see what they do then!

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October preview:


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