REVIEW: Pro Wrestling Crate – August 2021 Unboxing

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It has been a hot minute since the last time I reviewed one of these subscription boxes from Pro Wrestling Create. at one point, I was incredibly into these subscription boxes and had upwards of four or five going at any given month. That was until the biggest company that sells them, Loot Crate, basically turned into a Ponzi scheme and ruined most of the goodwill that they had built up with their entire fanbase. Long story short, I had a subscription to a Star Trek related box oops that took upwards of three years to get one year worth of merchandise out to the fans, with three of these six boxes being thrown together assortments to hopefully avoid some kind of lawsuit. Another box that I used to enjoy was called Lucha Loot. I’m not sure why, but they went out of business years ago. The only constant that I have had during this time is my old reliable Pro Wrestling Create, in my opinion the best of the batch. I have had Pro Wrestling Create for years now and have never really been let down. With my collection of Micro Brawler figures, pins, and even T shirts exploding because of these crates, you could say that I’m a fan. I wanted to get back into looking at these each month; I used to get a decent amount of interest from these articles, but I sort of fell off at some point. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what August 2021 had to offer.

This month didn’t really have much of a theme per se, but I knew the crate would involve items from the following wrestlers:

Spoiler Card

One of the many reasons why I like Pro Wrestling Crate is the fact that a portion of their proceeds go to a charity every month. This month is the Don West Tag Team Against Lymphoma Go Fund Me campaign. This one actually made me pretty sad, considering I was a big fan of Don West in the early days of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, I was even able to get a picture with him at a show that came relatively close to my house a decade ago. I can’t tell you how many times in my youth I stayed up late and came across dawn Hocking gem mint 10 baseball cards and random katanas through phone shopping. I’m sure the man could probably sell real estate in a swamp if he put his mind to it. He was the perfect person for TNA wrestling to have on staff for their sales, as anyone can testify that had attended one of their live shows. You would go in thinking “I might buy a T shirt”, next thing you know you would have a autographed program book, a grab bag, multiple photo ops etc. the dude is legend, and I hope he gets the help that he needs.

Other than that, it does not appear that next month’s box has a theme either, but it does appear that the focal point will be items from The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, which I am a fan. I’m hoping that the micro brawler turns out to be either Kerry Von Erich or Adam Bomb.


As with any of these crates, there are two shirts included in this month’s box. The first being a Jon Moxley “purveyor of violence” shirt. while I enjoy this shirt a lot, I enjoy wearing them at work if I can, and this one might be a little bit too much for that. It’s a solid design and will look amazing at the next concert or live wrestling show that I attend. Next up, is a “Genius” Lanny Poffo shirt that counteracts the previous one by being very simplistic. I was never a giant fan of Lanny when I was a kid, but have grown to respect him as I’ve gotten older. Solid shirt selection this month.


This month the autographed 8 by 10 is one of Brian Myers, currently of Impact Wrestling end The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast. considering how much time I spend listening to this man in my car while I’m commuting to work, this is a welcome addition to my autograph collection.

Micro Brawler Figure

You can imagine my surprise, upon opening this crate, to see that I was one of 250 lucky people to get the variant chase figurine this month! the figure itself is of Lex Luger, prominent wrestler in both WCW and WWF during the 90s. As far as I can tell the only difference between the regular figure and the chase figure are slight variations of the design on his American flag stripes. I have had pro wrestling create for years now, since the very first time they had Micro Brawlers, and this is the first time that I’ve achieved one of these. I’m not somebody that tries to “flip” this stuff, but it will be interesting to see how much this appreciates in value over the next few months!


The enamel pins this month are of the legendary 90s tag team, The Nasty Boyz. truthfully, I’m not the biggest fan of The Nasty Boyz, but it’s nice to see then get some love here considering the medical situation that Brian Knobbs is in. hopefully he was able to get a nice payday for this. That isn’t to say that this will not go on my pinboard with the honor that it deserves.


I was today years old when I realized that some of the wrestlers from AEW had a Dungeons & Dragons campaign that they recorded as a podcast, and somehow, I had missed it entirely. Being a big fan of other podcasts such as Nerd Poker, means that I need to seek this out and try to rectify that situation. The comic book for this crate is apparently a graphic representation of one of their podcast sessions, called Critical Botch. I have yet to read this but I will likely throw some sort of a review together when I have completed it. I also plan to start watching their YouTube podcast. That’s one thing I love about All Elite Wrestling, they allow their staff to do other ventures outside of the actual wrestling community. On any given week I routinely watch videos by the Young Bucks, Sammy Guevara, Doctor Luther, and many more. If they ever do some kind of a network style streaming service they will have plenty of content for that.

Brutus Beefcake grooming set

Usually there’s an item in the crate that is somewhat off the wall, and I would say that this grooming kit fits the bill this month. While by no means my favorite item in the crate, I’m definitely going to toss this into my work bag and have it just in case while I’m there.


I was surprised to see the unadvertised bonus Lanny Poffo poem and autograph included in this month’s create. People may not realize that Lanny, just like his wrestling persona, likes to make poems and especially dedicates them to various fans or people in videos occasionally. This one went out to all of the Pro Wrestling Crate subscribers. I honestly think the autograph is printed on, but it’s still a cool little addition.

The Verdict

All in all, this was a solid crate with plenty of items to make it worth the money. Normally I prefer crates like this with smaller items versus the ones that have a DVD in them because there is generally more creativity involved in providing “bang for your buck”. The standout item for me was the Lex Luger Micro Brawler. being a fan of luger as a kid means that I have a nostalgic sentimentality to the figure; and it doesn’t help that I was able to get a chase variant. Truthfully, there really isn’t a bad item in this crate this month, meaning that I would say this is one of the above average ones. good job as always, Pro Wrestling Create!

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