REVIEW: Incredible Norse Myths and Legends 1 – The Birth of Social Classes (2020)

Great Odin's Raven!

A graphic novel by Marek Mandzinski

As you know, I scour Kickstarter for Pagan and Viking-related comics all the time, and have come across quite a few great ones. One that recently caught my eye was this new series by Marek Mandzinski that seeks to re-create many poems and short stories of Germanic Lore in comic form. So far there are two volumes, I actually missed this the first go-round so I have both from the Kickstarter campaign for volume two, and am awaiting an announcement for part three. The topic at hand today is part one, which is based on the Eddic Poem Rígsþula. In this poem, a Norse god named Ríg or Rígr, described as “old and wise, mighty and strong,”, fathers the classes of mankind. This is usually attributed to being Heimdall, as in this comic, but there is contention as to who Rigr was – some…

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