REVIEW: Civil War Monuments and Memorials in Western Missouri (2014)

A Book by the Civil War Roundtable of Western Missouri

I took a week off from work to de-stress and relax a bit. Rather than laze about my house for nine days, I have decided to hit up a number of museums and historical sites to stay busy. With me doing this series on Western Missouri historical sites, it was a win-win situation – I’m having fun AND getting content on my blog foe my ten readers to enjoy. One of my outings took me to Liberty, MO to the Clay County museum where I spoke with a member of The Civil War Roundtable of Western Missouri about my project, and she recommended a book I might enjoy. This book is a independently published book, so it has all the trappings of a self-published book with a handful of the shortfalls as well, but it is very good quality and well put together.

“This book is a continuation of their 2002 volume entitled CIVIL WAR MONUMENTS AND MEMORIALS IN THE GREATER KANSAS CITY AREA. This second volume expanded to include sites that are a day trip from Kansas City (St. Joseph to the North, Nevada to the South, Columbia to the East, and Missouri State Line to the West).”

The areas in Western Missouri are split off into quadrants, and highlighted areas are designed to be no more than a day-trip away. Each site is listed with a full-color image, map directions, GPS co-ordinates and a blurb about the monument/memorial and why it’s there. The information is exactly what I was looking for with a number of historical marker websites, which get unwieldy and unusable at times. There isn’t much I can really say about this book considering it’s more of a reference book, but I enjoyed it a lot and will use it for future trips. If not this year, perhaps in a future year.

This review is part of my 2021 series History Boy Summer, which you can read more of following this LINK. If you would like a copy of this book and others like it from the same group, check out THIS storefront.


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