REVIEW: Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space: The Escape: Prelude (2016)

A book by Tom Huddleston, Cavan Scott

Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space is a relatively recent series for young readers meant to get kids into reading Star Wars books. Taking Place in the far-flung outskirts of the Outer Rim, a lawless area that crime has a tendency to happen in more than the centermost regions, this series doesn’t bog you down with continuity from other Star Wars media. All one really needs to know is that The Empire are bad guys and you’re all set. This chapter is a FREE short prelude to the rest of the series, and basically just sets the tone for the rest. Lina and Milo Graf are young humans whose parents worked as frontier explorers, mapping every nook and cranny of the outer rim. One day, their parents were kidnapped by agents of the Galactic Empire, leaving them on their own and stranded on a planet. It seems the Empire desperately needs those maps, and won’t take no for an answer. It’s up to the kids, a cranky droid, and their pet monkey-lizard to save the day.

This is both a free eBook and a kids book, so I’m not going at this too harshly. It’s a fine read to kill some time, and despite the writing style not being for mature readers, its fun nonetheless. Sometimes I read books like this as a palate-cleanser after reading meticulous history books as to not burn myself out. I plan to check more of these out, as there are four more in the series, in the near future. if you have kids wanting to have a star wars thing to themselves, give this a try – it’s pretty good.

If you would like a copy of this for your Kindle, check it out HERE



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