REVIEW: Fishkill #1 (2020)

A comic by Dan Fogler, Laurence Blum, Ben Templesmith

I recently picked up a bunch of things related the Heavy Metal Magazine via the kind folks over at Humble Bundle – some random issues, one-shots, and entire issues of the magazine for around 20 dollars if I recall correctly. If you haven’t checked out their book bundles, you are missing out, they always have great deals. Some of my smaller reviews will likely be from this stash throughout the next few weeks, as I try to clear some of my e-book backlog during an upcoming staycation I have planned. Now for the topic at hand -Fishkill was something I had never heard of that was part of this package. I wasn’t sure what to think of it due to the concept of being a modern noir story, or even the crude art style, at first, but it’s going to be worth reading if this issue is any indication.

“Fish Kill is a love story wrapped in a modern noir that takes our hero, Detective Bart Fishkill, so far down the conspiracy rabbit hole that he starts to question his own sanity even to the point of wondering whether if he isn’t the villain in the first place.”

Publisher’s description

Fishkill is a nice summation of what a lot of millennials went through during our formative years – watching as the very country you love is attacked from the outside spurned some people into action. many heeded the call and enlisted in the military only to become disillusioned with what exactly we were fighting for. Two big buildings are nice and all, but at the cost of being pawns in a meaningless forever war have pushed people into absolute cynicism, much like Bart Fishkill, who tries to do good but often runs afoul of the very same authority figures that turned him into a cold-blooded killer. Now working as a cop with increasingly lower ranks as he does his job the way he wants, Fishkill is pulled right back into the fire as a new terrorist attack happens yet again on his home soil – and this time he’s caught in the blast zone.

This is just issue one, so we still don’t know what’s happening here. That said, I enjoyed this issue for what it is, a solid set-up for what I hope ends up being a dark thrill-ride as Fishkill tries to figure out what happened. I could be way off base, but fingers crossed. Stay tuned as I dive into these throughout the next few days!


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