Deadpool Club Merc January 2019 Unboxing / Review – “Family”

Continuing my day of being snowed-in, here is my second of third January loot box reviews.

If you’d like to see more reviews of the various subscription boxes I get, please head right on over HERE and check out the spoilers.

Spoiler Card / Art Print

While the Deadpool Corps comic ended some time ago, it seems Lootcrate is firmly behind this particular version of the Deadpool character. Not a bad thing, just interesting.

Family Portrait Shirt

Napkin Ring Set

While this is an interesting item, I have almost no use for such a thing, rarely do I use cloth napkins outside of a restaurant, and if I do, I can’t imagine using napkin rings.

Stick Family Car Decal

Fun idea, but my experience with these things has not been good in the past, doubt I will ever use them.

Deadpool Corps Scarf

Now, this is more like it! I can and have been using this item to keep warm these past few weeks.

Deadpool Corps Ship Pin

I did not actually receive this item in my box, and had to request a replacement via their customer service team – This is a promo image I found online.

The Verdict: This box was a bit weak on the useful side of things – I will definitely use the scarf and shirt, but the other stuff, while being cool, is likely going to end up in this big “swag box” that I have for items such as this. Hats off to Loot Crate for trying some item variety, but C’mon guys. The scarf is easily the best item in this box, and possibly one of the better Loot Crate items I’ve ever received. I assume it’s inclusion is likely why there are so few other items.


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