A Regeneration is coming, 2017 is the year of rebirth

Anyone that may still check on this blog may have noticed that some changes have been happening behind the scenes. I have purchased a new web domain, re-tooled the logo, and altered things like the Facebook page – but what does that mean? I plan to alter this blog ever so slightly in 2017, instead of having a handful of small one-topic blogs that I have been neglecting, I plan to merge them together into a new entertainment site -arcadiapod.com. not only will I discuss science fiction, but it will not only be UK-based sci-fi. I will discuss movies, TV, books, wrestling etc. Pretty much whatever I want. This will help with creativity and not lead to burn-out. Once I move, I will also be re-vamping my short-lived podcast so get ready for that as well.

Can’t wait to share some great stuff with you guys!



  1. Hello Stephen K,

    Congratulations, I think that diversifying your content like that is a good idea, and recently I have been experimenting with diversifying my blog content as well instead of only blogging about my dreams.

    While I also liked the Twenty Eleven theme, unfortunately it is an older theme that is not responsive for the modern web (unless they updated it recently or something), and so I recommend using a theme made at least after the Twenty Thirteen theme was released so that your blog will show up properly and resize properly on various devices of various sizes; I try to change free themes at least once a year so that I am never using a theme that is more than a year old when possible.

    The new default WordPress theme Twenty Seventeen will hopefully be released on WordPress.com soon, this is the longest that WordPress.com has ever gone without getting the new default theme yet, it is supposed to have a new video header option.

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

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    • I’ll definitely have to look into that, with the changes I’ve been doing a new coat of paint would probably help a lot as well. I need to start poking around and find one that isn’t too tailored to a photoblog.

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      • Great.

        I like general purpose themes, unfortunately these have become less common, as developers seem to focus more on niche or more specialized themes; but usually I can at least rely on the annual free default WordPress themes each year as a backup if no better themes are released each year, and so I am glad that they make a new default theme each year.

        Good luck Stephen K,
        -John Jr


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