The Monday Meme: Dolls



It always cracks me up when someone gets all bent out of shape the moment someone slips up and refers to an “action figure” or “collectible figurine” as a “doll”. Then again, nerds and geeks always have something to whine about!

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5 thoughts on “The Monday Meme: Dolls”

  1. This reminds me of one of my favorite exchanges from Mystery Science Theater 3000, in the episode where they watch Cave Dwellers…

    Tom Servo: Stately Wayne Manor…
    Crow T. Robot: What’s a Wayne Manor?
    Joel: Oh that’s where Batman lived before he became the Dark Knight in those comic books.
    Tom Servo: They’re not comic books, they’re graphic novels!!!

    Obviously the fine folks at Best Brains Inc knew at least a few comic book fans 🙂


  2. funny! Also thanks for liking my Dr Who posts on my blog! Also, I,m making a new post, but the internet is lagging, but hears a sneak peek of it.
    Its about a game called Gang Beasts


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